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Kristin Booker • February 27, 2012

Daily Reflection: Why We All Need That Cinderella Moment

Jimmy Choo Crown Glitter Platform Pump, available at Bergdorf Goodman.

You can hear a collective excitement with red carpet season starts. We look for those gorgeous gowns, the glittering jewels and the fantastic makeup because, for one moment in time, we can imagine what that Cinderella moment must feel like.

We all remember that story, the poor girl who works and slaves as the scullery maid to her wicked stepmother and two horrible stepsisters, downtrodden and made to slave away until one day her fairy godmother comes to whisk her away from all that, even if it’s just for one night. She creates a one-of-a-kind gown with the BEST SHOES EVER (ladies, it’s the only time a clear heel has ever been acceptable) and sends her off in a horse-drawn carriage. She transforms the lowliest things in her life and makes them extraordinary for an evening, where she meets her soul mate and is, for one night, the most beautiful woman alive.

This story stays in our little girl consciousness forever for a multitude of reasons, but when red carpet season comes about, it returns to the front of our minds. We can imagine what it must be like to be a red carpet star, the woman who gets her beautiful dress and incredible shoes and jewelry to become for a moment on the world stage that Most Beautiful Woman – Cinderella.

While I love red carpet season, I think we should give ourselves those special moments in our real lives. Go try on the good stuff at a great department store (Bergdorf Goodman is one of my favorites here in NYC.) Use the good china for an everyday meal. Go play in the shiny red carpet shoes. Get your eyebrows done and throw on a red lip. Grab a girlfriend and go experience those beautiful, shiny things. Maybe make an investment in a piece or two. The definition of luxury is demanding quality in your life. Even if it’s just one really great lipstick or a really special bra that gives you flawless curves, it will give you confidence and turn every minute you wear it into a luxurious one.

You have the power to turn your every day existence into something extraordinary. You can’t make mice into horse and coachmen, but you can turn your closet into a world of wonder waiting for you to explore it. Surround yourself with beauty, know how special you are.

You are a star. Rise to the occasion of your life. Shine.


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