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Kristin Booker • February 22, 2012

Daily Reflection: You’re Free To Do What You Want

Assad Mounser I'm Free Set of Two Necklaces via Net-a-Porter

Every once in a while, you’re going to get asked to do some things that you don’t want to do. It’s the nature of life, that dance between doing only the things you want to do and making the choice to do some things you would rather not do, but have to do…

Or do you?

I’ve recently gotten to the point where I realize that if I’m whining about doing something, I probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. As I understand it, death and taxes are the only two absolute musts in this world, so everything is optional. There might be consequences if I choose not to do something, but it’s my choice to do – or not to do – whatever it is.

If you HAVE to go to work, maybe you’re not in the right job. If you HAVE to call your mother, there might be something you can do to fix that relationship. I’m learning to put the choices back into things. I hate to HAVE to do a bunch of things in one day. Feeling like I have no choice makes me a super crabby gal and when I’m not happy, NOBODY is happy. Therefore, I do what I want.

I WANT to go to the grocery store so I can feed my body properly. I WANT to work because I love what I do. I don’t HAVE to race to sixteen things in one day, because I WANT more free time. I’ve learned that it’s my choice to overextend myself or only say yes to the things I can manage so I have a second to breathe, go on dates, watch The Biggest Loser, giggle with my girlfriends and continue my quest for the perfect pair of spring pumps.

Take the powerlessness out of your life. You are a free person. You can do whatever you WANT, any old time.  Because when you do only what you want, you almost always get what you want. Funny how that happens.


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