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Kristin Booker • January 31, 2012

Dedicated Beauty: What Should Be The #1 Skincare Rule?

Simple Skincare Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream. Image courtesy of Simple Skincare.

I really find that I have very few rules in life but when it comes to taking care of my skin, I have one simple but very important rule: MOISTURIZE.

In my experience, moisturizing your skin is like feeding your face. You know how if you don’t eat breakfast, you feel weak, sluggish and irritated in a couple of hours? That’s how it is with your face. When you don’t feed your skin by moisturizing it before leaving the house, it’s starving all day. Add to that the barrage of pollutants and environmental factors (wind, rain, snow, sun, heat, cold) and it reacts with tightness, redness, irritation, or other such concerns. Then you’re going to add insult to injury by applying really harsh chemicals to it? No wonder it’s mad at you.

It’s time to say I’m sorry to your skin and mend that relationship for good. Follow my daily rule: apply some kind of moisturizer immediately before or after you eat. A good moisturizer and eye cream in the morning and at night, then I basically refresh with a hydrating spray throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated every time I have a snack. My body is fed, my skin is fed and I look like a glowing goddess all day long.

My three basics for hydration are from my beloved Simple Skincare. I apply Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Day Cream   ($8.79) and the Kind to Eyes Revitalizing Eye Roll-on ($8.79) in the morning and then apply the same eye cream paired with their Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream ($8.79) at night. During the day, you cannot catch me without my Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturizer ($8.79). I am reapplying to my hands after washing them and then I pat my face again to refresh my makeup.

I mean, you have to take a look at my skin. I’m wrinkle-free at over 40 and pretty particular about what I use on my face. If this cardinal rule has worked this well for me, imagine what it can do for you. Follow my big rule and see if you don’t discover that even the strictest rules for better skin are rather simple when you use the right products.

FTC Full Disclosure: I am a Brand Ambassador for Simple Skincare.


2 Responses to Dedicated Beauty: What Should Be The #1 Skincare Rule?

  1. cheryl says:

    I was the same until I hit 46. Honestly, people used to think I was in my early thirties then BAM, life caught up in what seemed like over night. Enjoy it while you can but trust me, it will happen. I moisturise, have facials, exfoliate, the lot and still, my ski doesn’t look bad for my age of 53. People still put me at about 41 or 42 so I am not complaining.

  2. Susan says:

    I tried the Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Scrub and love it! My skin so sensitive, and I am allergic to everything but food. However, Simple Skincare worked great. I just put a little on my finger tips, made sure I had warm water on my face and neck, used the scrub, and . . . great results! My skin actually felt better, smoother, and glowing. I used this product solely on the reference of fashionstylebeauty!

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