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Kristin Booker • December 17, 2012

Dedicated Post: A Skincare Tip – How to Protect Your Eyes In Winter


Note: Even though this post is brought to you via my partnership with Simple Skincare as a Brand Ambassador, the views and opinions expressed within are strictly my own.

Gals and gents, now that the mercury is starting to dip, your skin is taking a beating. Ice-cold winds, driving snow, blowtorch-level indoor gas heat = dry, parched skin and a recipe for wrinkles, sagging and fine lines. Which, eventually, we will all have to deal with these skincare issues. But let’s not hasten their arrival.

In addition to using a seriously rich and vitamin-packed night cream to replenish what the winter weather takes out of your skin, I’d ask you to pay particular attention to the skin around your eyes. It’s thinner, which means that in the battle of skin vs the elements, your eye skin is like the first infantry – first into battle, first to suffer casualties.

There are three tips I’d like to leave you with to ensure that you get out of this winter with minimal damage to your eye area and the only crepe-like folding your enjoy comes with Nutella at a fancy French restaurant. Let’s discuss:

Soothing eye goodness for winter-parched eyes from Simple Skincare.

Soothing eye goodness for winter-parched eyes from Simple Skincare.

1) Never, ever be without eye cream – Folks, the best defense is a good offense. Having eye cream on from the minute you finish washing your face in the morning to the second your head hits the pillow at night is the only way to protect that delicate skin. I’d recommend using Simple Skincare Soothing Eye Balm morning, noon and night (as in, apply often.) Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E will help keep the skin nourished and elastic, the Shea Butter will help seal in moisture and protect. If you’re walking into harsh weather, you HAVE to put on a thick face cream and an eye cream to lock moisture in, or the weather will take it right out.


Protect your eyes – and up your glam factor – with an oversized pair of sunglasses. Image courtesy of Bloomingdales.

2) Wear oversized sunglasses – Not only do luxxotica frames for opticians help protect your eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays, but it causes the wind to whip around the lenses. It’s a small effort, but if you pick a particularly oversized pair (as in, they cover your eyebrows) like this MICHAEL Michael Kors “Carolina” pair, you have a pretty good shot at protecting your eyes and the skin around it. Throw on a giant hat and you’re Greta Garbo-esque protected.

This is a ring finger. That is eye cream. That's your main tool for applying eye cream.

This is a ring finger. That is eye cream. That’s your main tool for applying eye cream.

3) Tap, don’t pull – This is advice that’s important all year, but particularly when your eyes are under stress and the skin is fragile (like sub-zero-temperatures-to-inferno-like-gas-heat stress.) Use your ring fingers – the weakest of all your fingers – to gently tap eye cream into the eye area. It may take a minute to soak in, but it will do a world of good. Patience, grasshopper…patience.

Stay warm out there and really, truly be kind to your skin this winter. The work you do now means you’ll have less work to do (or be done) later. It’s just that simple.


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