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Kristin Booker • December 19, 2012

Dedicated Post: How to Handle Your Skin During Holiday Stress


Note: Even though this post is brought to you via my partnership with Simple Skincare as a Brand Ambassador, the views and opinions expressed within are strictly my own.

Ok, so we’re thick in the middle of holiday stress and that can mean everything about your life can take a beating, particularly your face. I mean, how many of us have worried about presents, getting all our work done before our holiday vacation, traveling, parties and crazy relatives (not to mention holiday shopping) and the end result is dewy, glowing skin? Show of hands? Yeah, none of us.

So, in an effort to remind you to take care of your skin this holiday season, I’d like to make some quick suggestions as to how you handle your skin in times of stress, particularly the holidays. Print it out, take it to your mirror, do what you need to do…I’m about to drop some skincare science on you:

Work out – All that sweating raises your endorphins, releases toxins and can give you a glow like no other. If you want to help improve your skin during the holidays, remember that some “me” time is important, even if that means you grab your headphones and take a 30-minute walk. Stash Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove sweat before it dries and undoes all your hard work.

Sleep – HA! I know, worst advice ever, but I SWEAR this works. It doesn’t matter how demanding your schedule gets, YOU are in charge of your change. If you mandate that you’re in bed every single night at 11:30 pm, guess what? You will be. Slather on a good night cream (Simple Skincare Vital Vitamin Night Cream is my go-to) and wake up looking fab. Also, sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to minimize the pulling on your skin. We beauty editors swear by it.

Add some steam – OK, so I’m finally about to give you one of my favorite skincare tips that I have never revealed before as to how I keep my skin looking really dewy and relatively line-free: steam then cool products. I tent my head over a bowl of steaming hot water with essential oils every Sunday night before I go to bed (after I’ve washed my face,) then apply serums and said night creams mentioned above which – and here’s the kicker – I keep in the fridge. Cool products + warm skin means that your skin has to work to absorb them, giving you amazing results. There’s no excess and your skin will be newborn soft and supple.

Remove your makeup before you go to bed – Man, I know that pillow looks tempting after a long day-to-night holiday sprint, but sleeping in your makeup will wreck your face. It takes 3-5 minutes and it will save you tons of regret, like wrinkles, fine lines and ruined pillowcases. After you remove your makeup, don’t forget to use a relief lotion. The cbd creams and lotions are known to work so much better then over the counter remedies at pharmacies. Users that use lotions infused with cbd are seeing more relief compared to other items on the market.

Watch your alcohol and sugar intake – Peeps, I know I preach this often, but it bears repeating that alcohol and refined sugars irritate your skin and draw the water right out of your skin. Imbibe, enjoy and then replace it with glasses of water if you must. If you can moderate, your skin will look good and you won’t have to grapple with a hangover and, let’s face it, hangovers are the most unsexy thing EVER.

Say “No” – You know what the best advice for relieving holiday stress is? Saying no. No to overscheduling, no to overdoing it, no to demands that make it seem like if you don’t absolutely do this, the world will end. Say no before you get too drained. I would also recommend taking some natural remedy that can help you overcome your stress and relax, cannabis is one of the most popular ones now a days; however, when choosing this option I recommend to learn about co2 extraction machines first, this way you can get the most out of its benefits.

Take care of your skin and it will take care of you this holiday season. Go easy, put your well-being first and remember the reason for the season is to come out the other side with memories and good cheer (and good skin.) It’s just that simple.



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