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Kristin Booker • May 29, 2012

Dedicated Post: Quick Tips to De-Puffing Undereye Bags

This dedicated post has been produced as part of my partnership with Simple Skincare. The opinions within, however, are strictly my own.

Hey, you. Drop those bags and come out of the bathroom with your hands up. No, seriously. The baggage I’m talking about is currently hanging under your eyes, and the reason I’m telling you to put your hands up is because you might be making them worse. Rather than continuing to repeat these Crimes Against Your Skin, let’s talk about how you REALLY solve the situation using some basic household tools and the amazing Simple Skincare.

Simple Skincare Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

First of all, let’s talk about how to get rid of your undereye bags. Keep a tube of Simple Skincare Revitalizing Eye Roll-On on hand (I keep mine in the refrigerator or in a cool place). Apply GENTLY (rubbing will only make it worse) to the skin under and around your eye. The rollerball acts as a massager and will help reduce puffiness and that tired look, while the cool sensation and temperature soothes the area. Genius, yes?

Simple Skincare Soothing Eye Balm

Another way? I keep a cool, dry spoon on the door of my fridge and apply Simple Skincare Soothing Eye Balm in the same manner as described above. Same principles apply with  amazing benefits: soothed and relaxed skin around the eyes, plus no more dehydration due to someskin-loving ingredients like Shea Butter included in the product.

Finally, let’s talk about how you keep undereye bags from coming back. Get more sleep, cut down on complex carbs and sugar (and that involves excess alcohol, you party maven, you) and try to reduce or eliminate your salt intake. You might also want to invest in a better pillow: keeping your head slightly elevated while you sleep helps with circulation and overall complexion issues.

Please note: Do NOT scrub, rub or poke at your undereye bags. This will only make them worse and turn them from small carry-on bags to have-to-check-them-and-pay-extra-fees luggage that will make you look horrid. Be kind to your skin. Use sensitive skincare products along with gentle skin care practices.

Take care of your face. Follow these simple steps and you can stow your undereye bags for good. It’s just that simple.


One Response to Dedicated Post: Quick Tips to De-Puffing Undereye Bags

  1. Lisa Attora says:

    I think I have tried every product out there wasteing hundreds of dollars for eye puffiness or as you put it bags and dark circles under the eyes so what I would like to know is how can I get free samples of your product? I’m sure othe soon to be customers would like to know also.


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