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Kristin Booker • February 23, 2012

Dedicated Post: Timex Style Watch Look of the Day- Not-So-Basic Black

Gals in not-so-basic black. Photo: Kristin Booker for Fashion.Style.Beauty

This dedicated post is part of my partnership with Timex. The opinions expressed below, however, are strictly my own.

Most city dwellers have a ton of basic black in our wardrobes and we seriously love it. It’s versatile, slimming when used the right way and it saves hundreds of dollars on dry cleaning bills. Fashion people especially love black during Fashion Week because you can look edgy and repeat items over and over again without them showing obvious wear and tear. Plus, when you’re racing to shows and working 14 hours days, who has the time to think about your wardrobe?

This is why these two gals caught my attention because this is how black is done in a not-so-basic manner. Add textures and pops of colorful prints (the floral skirt), gorgeous bags and beautiful sunglasses and we’re talking about a great elevation of what could just be another black wardrobe item or two. Basic black? Hmm, maybe not so much.

Timex Originals 1940’s Dial Inspiration watch. Click for more info.

These gals need watches that are just as versatile as their black wardrobes, versatile timepieces that are chic and fun to wear. I LOVE the Timex Originals 1940’s Dial Inspiration watch with its vintage styling and colorful strap. Throw it on and even if it’s the only pop of color you’re wearing, it’s a good one.

The next time you’re pulling a black wardrobe day, think about adding texture and some pops of color to frame your favorite noir pieces. You’ll give those wardrobe workhorse pieces just the jolt of energy they need. It’s about time.

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