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Kristin Booker • November 27, 2012

Dedicated Post: Why It’s Okay To Be Kind To Your Skin

While this post comes courtesy of my role as a Brand Ambassador for Simple Skincare, the opinions expressed within are strictly – and very honestly – my own.

Psst. Come here, I have a secret for you. No, seriously, I do. Ready?

You don’t have to beat your skin into submission to get it to do what you want it to do.

I know you’re looking at the screen right now like, “Oh come ON, Kristin. Seriously, I have to beat it to get it behave!” Yeah, so how’s that working out for you? Not well, I imagine. Let’s step away from the tools of facial torture and take a minute to breathe and discuss why using more nourishing products is probably a better option for you, particularly those of us with sensitive skin.

Okay, so the real answer here is really simple if you think about it: the less you do to your skin, the less you will have to do to your skin. Meaning that it’s kind of like your regular diet – if you eat good things from the start, you don’t have to worry about taking corrective actions later and spending time begging for your life in a punishing workout session. Similarly, if you feed your skin great things from the start, it will nourish itself and stay in balance. It’s a nicer plan of action than scrubbing your face like a car and pouring harsh chemicals on your skin to get it to do something that it really wants to do anyway, which is stay in balance and look radiant and fabulous.

In addition to using kind and effective products that are kind to skin (which will talk about in a second,) there are five things you want to do to maintain a healthy balance for your face. As a matter of fact, let’s combine these two items, shall we? Follow these very simple rules:

  1. Exercise regularly – Sweating is amazing for your skin and the glow of a thousand products can’t replicate the flush of good health. Try to get 30 minutes of some kind of cardio in every day. Just be sure to cleanse your face after your sweat session. I recommend carrying Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes with you in your gym bag.
  2. Avoid processed flour and sugars – Even though it’s the holidays, these items are horrible, HORRIBLE for your skin. They cause irritation and that causes breakouts, excess redness and all sorts of skin maladies (itching, excess dryness, blemishes, etc.) I KNOW the cupcakes are hard to resist this time of year, so here’s a good way to stop yourself from eating too many: aim to drink two glasses of water before you’re surrounded by the tempting items, then make yourself drink a glass of water PER TREAT. You’ll be too full to eat too many and you’ll flush out the bulk of the one you do eat.
  3. Try to maintain a healthy weight – Rapid weight gain and weight loss and continually repeating this process makes it hard for your skin to bounce back and it puts undue stress on the tissues, causing lack of elasticity and stretching (i.e. loose skin, wrinkles, stretch marks.) Try to figure out what your healthy weight is and stay within that weight, plus or minus a few pounds. It will be nicer on your whole body, not just your face.
  4. Feed your face well – Honestly, one of the reasons I signed on to be a Brand Ambassador for Simple Skincare is because the products are so kind to skin and they WORK. With natural ingredients and formulas that just get the job done, I do actually use them regularly and my skin shows it. Find a few products within the range that you can work into your routine (I’m always going to advise the Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Wash and Vital Vitamin Night Cream for pretty much everyone this winter) and use them regularly. You’ll be amazed at how your skin reacts to being fed well.
  5. Treat yourself with kindness – One of the things we do as women that makes me kind of nuts is that we neglect ourselves regularly. We care for everyone but ourselves regularly and then wonder what happened when we look in the mirror. Heed the words of the flight attendants: put your own mask on first. Nourish yourself. Take time every single day to take care of your skin, to put a little lotion on your body (I use Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer EVERYWHERE after a bath) and be sure to take a moment to deep breathe every single day. You HAVE to take care of your body so it can take care of you.

So, there you have it. Five simple tips that show you how you can get better skin without beating it – or yourself – into a frenzy. Just be kind to yourself…and to your skin. It’s really just that simple.



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