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Kristin Booker • January 17, 2013

Diet and Exercise Diary: A Report From the SHRED Diet, Week One

ME, right after I spanked that spinning class this morning, four pounds lighter.

ME, right after I spanked that spinning class this morning, four pounds lighter.

OK, SO…today is the middle of Week Two, but I wanted to give a report on my progress on the SHRED Diet by Dr. Ian Smith. Which is, to watch his appearances on the talk show circuit and the lack of produce and brown rice availability in the grocery store, the Diet Craze Sweeping The Nation.

BTW, he has no idea I’m doing this. No one’s paying me to do it. I’m just a girl in the world trying to get my belly button back in the right place.

My personal progress? FOUR POUNDS. That’s right, peeps – I lost FOUR POUNDS in the first week. And after I got off the scale, I was all Lionel Richie-like and dancing on the ceiling.

Here are my notes from my own personal diet diary from Week One, so that if you decide to try the diet, you will know what to expect:

– The first three days of the diet, I wanted to kill someone. No, for serious. The reduction in calories and the full stop on my serious latte habit made me one crabby patty. Be forewarned that if you do this diet, you will want to start to slow your caffeine intake down a few days earlier so you don’t go into shock like I did.

– You eat A LOT, but if you had as crappy of a diet as I did, the adjustment will shock you for the first few days. You eat a lot but you eat at well-timed intervals so you never really get hungry. HOWEVER, if you miss a snack or are late eating, you will be so hungry that you will be ready to commit a CRIME. Set your timer and eat when you’re supposed to do so.

– About day four, you realize how good you feel. Again, for serious. As in, I woke up all skippy with cartoon birds on my shoulder in the morning. Your sleep patterns are regular. Your wicked cravings for sugar are abated. Your salt tooth just gradually stops nagging at you. It’s crazy how good you feel.

– Your workouts improve about Day Five. It’s a Lord of the Rings-like struggle to get through the first two workouts with the diet changes, but after that first break (take the rest day he recommends on Day Three of Week One to save yourself) you’re ready to take on extra cardio.

– If you’re like me and belly fat is your big issue, Day Four is where suddenly you start to see changes. For me, I suddenly realized that when I was lying down that I could see my belly button. Peeps, that’s huge for me. My entire goal in this exercise is to PUT MY BELLY BUTTON BACK IN THE RIGHT PLACE. My workout pants stopped fighting with me on Day 6.

– The food options are actually not boring. I’ve found that I LOVE having grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast (1 slice of cheese, no butter.) I’ve also started craving fruit in a manner I can only describe as what I imagine a pregnancy craving must be like. I’ve also found that mixing the protein with veggies and brown rice together at dinner is a great meal.

And that’s my report for this week. Who’s excited to bring the pain this week? ME. I just put the smack down on a spinning class at Equinox and I’m excited to see what my results bring this week.

Seriously, I’m excited to learn a whole new way to EAT. It’s working. Stay tuned for Week Two results!





2 Responses to Diet and Exercise Diary: A Report From the SHRED Diet, Week One

  1. Erika says:

    I just got Dr. Smith’s book over the weekend and am eager to try this out. Thanks for the posted updates on your progress and what to expect, it’s helpful!

  2. alexis says:

    i also lost 4 pounds in the first week. Keep up the good work 🙂

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