Kristin Booker • August 24, 2009

Eco-Chic Beauty: The Perfect Shower, Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics

I test a LOT of products, let me tell you, and when I have an experience that sends me bounding out of the bath as happy as I was this evening, I simply must tell you about it. Ladies, print this off and take it to your local Lush Cosmetics store because this is seriously the makings of what I’m going to call “The Perfect Shower.”

I always do my hair first so I’m going to recommend their Solid Shampoo (more uses, less waste and, hey, no packaging). I personally love the Trichomania Solid Shampoo ($9.75) because I have dry, curly hair but there’s literally a bar for every hair type. Rub it on your hair and work away at the luxurious experience.

I’ve come to adore Retread Conditioner ($22.35), a violet-and-orange scented conditioner that uses cantaloupe, protein-packed yogurt, and strengthening jojoba and olive oils to right all the wrongs I make my hair suffer during the week. Trick: I leave it on while I do other things in the shower, then rinse it out with a shot of cold water right before I get out of the shower.

Now for the ultimate in shower heaven, I demand you get yourself a Buffy Body Butter ($10.75 – $21.75, depending on size) and just try and tell me this isn’t the most genius shower product known to man. It’s a body butter that exfoliates skin with ground rice, almonds and aduki beans and then follows it up with an amazing, super-hydrating, lavender-scented body butter that makes your skin silky smooth. I didn’t even need to moisturize out of the bath and that is a near miracle for my Sahara Desert-dry skin.

Even better, these Lush products are vegan and earth-friendly so while you relax and wash the cares of the day away, you can relieve the stress of your carbon footprint as well…well, as long as the shower isn’t too long.

Head to Lush’s website or the nearest store and rinse those cares (and that dry skin and hair) down the drain. Feel free to thank me later. 🙂


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