Kristin Booker • January 15, 2010

Editor’s Comments: Kate Gosselin and the Hair Debacle

I’m on a roll today, evidently.

Earlier today, the Twittersphere was all abuzz after it was brought to light that Kate Gosselin reportedly said that she didn’t like her brand new look. You know, the fabulous new hair extensions and color job where she looked amazing on the cover of People, performed by legendary hairstylist Ted Gibson and his partner-in-crime, master colorist Jason Backe? Gosselin’s evidently afraid that she looks like one of Tiger Woods’ hookups. Supposedly, her kids made fun of the hairstyle and she got upset and cried.

Look, I’m not a fan of the whole Jon and Kate thing and the only reason I did the post announcing her makeover is honestly because I thought, wow, what a dream opportunity. Here’s someone who desperately needed a makeover and she got the chance to get a beauty do-over from one of the best hair teams in the WORLD. Ted and Jason are extremely talented, A-list and highly sought after. There is no way that a team who works on top editors, the fashion world and Hollywood’s red carpet darlings made her look like cheap and tawdry and to say something like that (you have heard of an “inside voice” haven’t you, mother of eight?) was so disrespectful. It took a reported twenty hours of work to make it look like she wasn’t an accident from a hair college training exercise. Kate, if you’re reading this, you NEEDED that makeover and to throw such a gift back is deplorable. It was a huge error in judgment but then again, I guess I should expect that from someone who, you know, would marry Jon Gosselin.

What breaks my heart is that there are women out there going through extraordinary circumstances who would have KILLED to have $7000 worth of attention paid to them to start the New Year off with a new look from the best in the business. Ted and Jason are not only some of the most talented, they’re also some of the nicest, most thoughful people ever. You don’t disrespect that kind of talent, I don’t care who you are.

I understand being uncomfortable with a new look amidst a lot of change but there’s such a thing as GRACE. Be gracious about all these gifts, Kate, because when your fifteen minutes are up (which I pray will be soon), you’ll lament it.

Oh and this is the last time I will ever give this issue or Kate Gosselin or any of this ridiculousness any space ever again. I need the Gosselin thing to just go away already.


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