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Kristin Booker • November 4, 2009

Editor’s Lust List: Valentino Satin Diamante Bow Pumps

I just saw these on a segment on E! News and had to take a closer look for myself. Ladies, I present my new shoe obsession: the Valentino Satin Diamante Bow Pumps ($995).

First of all, I love just about anything Valentino, especially handbags and shoes. Yes, I know the designers who took over for the master are having a bit of a hard time keeping up with the legend’s design aesthetic but the handbags and shoes are still just as fabulous as ever and these shoes are no exception. Here I interview myself about these foxy shoes:

Me: What draws you to these fabulous shoes?
Myself: Wow, what’s not to love? Satin peep toe black satin pumps with diamante bows on the toes?!? I am practically dead on the floor. If I do pass out, don’t pull over that cardiac cart. Just hit me in the chest with one of those shoes, will you, darling?

Me: But what would you wear them with?
Myself: Honey, with shoes this fabulous, I would wear them with anything from jeans to a cocktail dress. This shoe IS the centerpiece of the outfit. They could make a sackcloth and ashes look like Italian haute couture.

Me: Where would you wear them?
Myself: Any place that requires shoes…? What kind of a question is THAT? I mean, really. (sips champagne)

Me: Any truth to the rumor that you’re secretly dating Bradley Cooper?
Myself: Sorry, I don’t talk about my personal life. Next question.

If I get these shoes, I will take a photo of me wearing them and nothing else but a hat. I mean, after all, when you have shoes this fabulous, who needs an outfit trying to hog the spotlight. 😉


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