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Kristin Booker • October 28, 2009

Editor’s Pick: Take a Walk On The Plus Side

Kimberly Williamson/Courtesy of StyleIt

My friend Sarah Conley, the EIC of StyleIt, is doing something rather extraordinary and I believe it’s worth noting. As a fabulous plus-sized woman with incredible style, she’s decided to document her fabulous fashion and makeup picks as part of a new series called On The Plus Side: Look Of the Day. The photos are gorgeous (as you can see above) and the fashion picks are quite good but the point is that she’s decided not to crop the shots in any way. These are full-body photographs that make a statement that cannot be ignored: she is there in all her glory and she’s asking women no matter what your size to celebrate your body and your sense of style.

I might be slightly biased because she’s my friend, but I have to mark the moment and encourage everyone to subscribe to these posts. The essence of true fashion, style and beauty begins with the individual accepting themselves as a FACT. Right this minute, you have the healthy, beautiful body you have been given and you should celebrate and adorn it accordingly. No more waiting until you lose that weight or you get that job or that guy/girl shows up to let your true style emerge. Follow Sarah’s inspiring posts and hopefully it will inspire you to realize that we are all stunning, we are all beautiful and, like Sarah, we all have incredible style.


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