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Kristin Booker • January 1, 2011

Editor’s Thoughts: 11 Quick New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life In 2011

I was thinking a lot about the lifelong trend of New Year’s Resolutions. As today is not only the first day of the new decade AND an auspicious numeric day (1.1.11 is pretty awesome, don’t you think?) I thought it might be a good idea to do something big. I’ve decided to make 11 New Year’s Resolutions to change my life. Feel free to read through and consider/adopt/reject any and/or all of following:

(these are in no particular order)

1) I will no longer apologize for who I am. My personality is a fact. I’m human just like everyone else and I come with particular quirks and idiosyncrasies. At this age, I’m a work in progress but I am who I am.

2) I will not do things that make me feel less than successful. I will get rid of the clothes that don’t fit, I will take more time with my appearance so I always put my best face forward and I will no longer spend time with people who make me feel less than special.

3) I resolve to stop using vices to avoid dealing with potentially uncomfortable things. Overeating, too much wine, too much shopping, mind-numbing reality tv, snarky comment threads, gambling, bad relationships, etc.: whatever it is we use to avoid a peaceful heart only prolongs the pain.

4) I will stop being so hard on myself. Sometimes humans are our own worst critics. People who would rather see you fail rely on those of us who are deeply self-critical to self-criticize our way into paralysis. Life is hard enough. We must get out of our own way.

5) I will love myself unconditionally. Even when I make mistakes. Even when I fall down. Through every embarrassment, fumble and folly, there is a lesson to be learned and a life to be lived. I am out here doing the best that I can every day and that is more than good enough.

6) I will no longer hide. That’s why I gained those 100-some odd pounds initially, I think. I wanted to sort of disappear away from the types of relationships that hurt the most. Insulating myself from potential happiness (and unhappiness) was/is no way to live life. I will shed that barrier and live my life out loud.

7) I resolve to enrich my mind and body. I am the only person who can take care of myself, which means the condition of my brain and the healthy of my body are vital to my success and survival. I resolve to put myself back on my own calendar and to-do list.

8)Meet my new boyfriend: the word “no.” I’ve found that the only person who is most important to please is myself. When I overextend, I wind up very unhappy (and so does everyone else, honestly.) So, the word “no” and I are going to become intimately acquainted and have a very long love relationship I hope will last the rest of my life.

9) I will be selective with my gifts. This encompasses everything from time to writing to answering text messages. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Asking “what will this do for me?” is not selfish, it’s survival.

10) I will spend every day doing something that makes me infinitely happy. All work and no play was the theme of 2010. How about a little FUN in 2011? It can be something as minute as a bubble bath or as big as FINALLY buying that Alice + Olivia wardrobe I’ve been coveting, but I resolve to rediscover what truly makes me laugh, smile and want to dance in the streets with joy this year.

11) I will fall in love again. First, with myself and then, who knows? The possibilities for an overwhelming amount of joy are limitless and I welcome all of it with open arms.

So, feel free to borrow any of these. I shared my resolutions in hopes that one or more might inspire you.

Make 2011 the Year of You, everyone. You deserve it.


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