Kristin Booker • January 15, 2010

Epic and Fabulous Giveaway: Win A Pair of Audio Chi Headphones!

You all have heard me continually raving about my audiophile staple, the genius Audio Chi W-5 Headphones. Seriously, you will never hear music the same way again and you really won’t want to do such a thing (and really, why would you want to do that?).  Well, so many of you have inquired about where to get said great sounding headphones for under $100, how much they cost, are they available in the US yet that I’ve not only tried to get them to move everything to the US for you but I’ve been afraid to leave my own pair around for fear that someone will jack them. Oh yes, they’re just THAT GOOD.

The lovely folks across the pond at Audio Chi have declined my offer to set up their headquarters in my apartment but they have made me an offer I can’t refuse: a giveaway of a FREE PAIR OF THEIR AMAZING HEADPHONES! Oh yes, exclusive to Fashion.Style.Beauty followers ONLY, I will select one winner this Monday, January 18th and they will receive the style of their choice, shipped directly to them all the way from the UK. Let me say that again: your choice of their amazing headphones shipped directly to your humble abode, where you will be the envy of all your friends. You will want to rediscover your entire music collection once you use them, I am so not kidding.

How do you enter this fabulous contest? First, this contest is open to followers of Fashion.Style.Beauty ONLY. You must leave me a comment below and tell me what album you will enjoy rediscovering with these amazing headphones (retail value is $115 US). I will select a winner at random this Monday and announce the name in a post. It’s just that easy.

Good luck and enter to win NOW!


6 Responses to Epic and Fabulous Giveaway: Win A Pair of Audio Chi Headphones!

  1. Kristen says:

    I'd totally rock out to Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga with these!

  2. david says:

    I'd rediscover Pendulum's first album, Hold Your Colour! The bass would be incredible in these headphones!

  3. Derek says:

    What's an album? I have an iPod full of music that's ready to go, though. Ok, I'll relent. I'd probably go with something from the Windam Hill artists like George Winston's "Winter Into Spring." Then rock out to Pearl Jam's "10."

  4. Warren,Cren, Meghann, and A.J. says:

    I would have to listen to Duran Duran's Red Carpet Massacre again or anything Duran Duran for that matter.

  5. RachelleinAustin says:

    And then there were 3 (dogs, that is) I'd love to rediscover my sanity…



  6. wendywar says:

    I absolutely love listening to Taking Back Sunday! I'd love to see how their album would sound with those headphones!

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