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Kristin Booker • December 9, 2011

Expert Beauty Advice: How to Handle Last-Minute Acne and Redness

It’s the time of year where a last minute zit and/or excessively red cheeks can ruin your ENTIRE program. Luckily, I have some experts I can call to give you some great advice for that kind of thing.

Dr. Lisa Woollery-Lloyd, board-certified dermatologist and the creator of my new favorite beauty obsession for multi-hued skin, Specific Beauty, has some great tips on how to handle these skincare freakouts:

Issue: A last minute zit – You can spot treat with over-the-counter acne treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (like their Specific Beauty Clarifying Wash Acne Treatment, $8.99). For planet-sized pimples or emergency acne treatment for teens, book an visit with your dermatologist for a quick injection of cortisone which decreases inflammation FAST. Cost for the injection is $25-$100 depending on where you live, but there’s no price on a bad photo that can last forever on Facebook.

Issue: Excessive redness – This can sometimes be caused by rosacea or cold weather wind damage. For rosacea, look for antioxidant-based skincare solutions and heavy-duty moisturizing products that can soothe and reduce the issue.  Antioxidants that reduce inflammation are extremely helpful to reduce redness, especially ingredients like green tea. Keep in mind that products with natural ingredients like licorice and green tea usually have a yellow or brown color. Look for these hues in the products to know that what you’re buying actually has therapeutic levels of these natural ingredients. Specific Beauty’s Skin Brightening Serum ($24.99) can do that.

Thanks to Dr. Woollery-Lloyd for this advice. By the way, those giveaways on the Specific Beauty Facebook page end today. Want to try some of these great products? Click through and like!


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