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Kristin Booker • August 1, 2011

Fall Fragrance Must-Have: Diddy Wants You To Smell Like Royalty with Empress

Part of planning the perfect wardrobe for any season also includes the oh-so-right note of fragrance, and even better if said fragrance can transition you from the heat of late summer into the cozy coolness of fall. In this month’s Fall Beauty Must-Haves, my first fragrance selection is a choice from the man himself, Diddy, and his new offering: Empress.

Now, as someone who is EXTREMELY picky about fragrance, I’m going to go ahead and just jump out here and say that I have smelled this scent and I APPROVE. As in, I will most likely pick this fragrance up and rock it come fall because it’s something fragrances haven’t been a long time – classy.  Created as the counterpart to his highly-successful men’s fragrance, I Am King, it has notes for a woman with taste, mystery, and a penchant for luxury.

The scent opens with a beautiful blend of citrus and fruit from notes of key lime pie, starfruit and imperial French berry; then reveals middle notes that are distinctly feminine such as raspberries, passion flower, peony, cardamom and ambrette seed. It dries down to a neck-nuzzling warm base of vanilla, caramel and sandalwood.

People always wonder what these descriptions mean. Let’s say that the fragrance is a pretty floral that dries to a warm, lightly-woodsy base. It’s pretty on first contact, then opens to a come-hither note that beckons people closer. Lovely without overpowering.

This is one I’d consider picking up, ladies (and gents who love your ladies.) Because, you know, who doesn’t want to look, feel and smell like royalty?

Empress debuts at Macy’s stores nationwide in August 2011


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