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Kristin Booker • August 2, 2011

Fall Fragrance Must-Haves: Slip Into Something More Comfortable with Kate Walsh Boyfriend

I’m going to give you a rather sexy image and I want you to stay with me. I want you to think of the morning after and your lover is gone. You roll to the other side of the bed and there’s an empty pillow, so you sneak to their side of the bed, rife with memories. That’s still not enough, so you rummage on the floor next to the bed and find their shirt. You pull it next to your face and give it a deep inhale. It’s intoxicating, it’s memory-inspiring and you pull the covers over your head to make the moment last a little while longer.

That’s the basis behind my favorite fragrance, the one I wear pretty much every day and have since I bought it:  actress Kate Walsh’s perfume, Boyfriend. The gorgeous actress describes her scent as a labor of love, created out of her own desire to have a scent that reminded her of a favorite man’s scent mingled with the essence of a woman. It’s something that smells so pretty on the approach but when you nuzzle next to the neck, there’s that note of having been touched by a man. Every time I wear it, men and women both react. You gotta get in on this scent – it’s to die for.

Boyfriend has a gorgeous mixture of vanilla, jasmine blossoms and a light amber accord set against a dry down of that male essence with notes of light woods and musk. It’s a warm fragrance that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever smelled. Hence, I wear it almost daily.

For your fragrance needs, Kate has come out with a few options on how to enjoy your Boyfriend. You can purchase the fragrance itself in a bottle, go with a pulse point version for your handbag or a solid perfume version (my personal favorite,) take a gorgeous dry body oil scented with the fragrance right out of the shower or throughout the day (it’s amazing – non-sticky and it goes in quickly.)

Need to travel with your Boyfriend? There’s an adorable Boyfriend Kit that contains the eau de parfum, a pulse point mini, a dry oil mini, a mini of the body cream (of which I hope there will be industrial vat sizes for sale soon) and a votive (of which I hope she makes  nine wick versions so I can burn them 24/7 like a temple.)

How you enjoy your boyfriend is entirely your business. I just encourage you to do so. Because this is one of the rare things we can borrow from the boys that they can’t borrow back. It’s a scent based on our love of men that’s strictly for the girls.

Boyfriend is available via Sephora online and in-store as well as Home Shopping Network.


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