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Kristin Booker • July 21, 2014

Pretty in Pink: Meet Fan di Fendi Blossom, Your New Favorite Summer Fragrance

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There are some invitations you simply don’t turn down. An invite to come romp at the Fendi boutique on 5th Avenue is such an invite. They invited me, and I made my way there, visions of Baguettes dancing in my head.

Fendi Peekaboo Bags with Fragrances

The event was to celebrate the newest Fendi fragrance, Fan di Fendi Blossom, a light and lovely addition to the luxury brand’s offerings. I’ll be honest here: personally, I don’t do florals. They’re just not part of my fragrance game, but I took this one in because Fendi puts so much love into the details. It’s a luxury house known for craftsmanship, for a lifestyle that makes every single point of contact one that incites desire to have even more.

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom Close-Up

A whiff of the new fragrance offering is literally like a pop of champagne bubbles under the nose: it opens with delight and dries down to nothing short of utter happiness. The notes are evocative of cherry blossoms mixed with fruits and a little light spice. It opens with notes of pear, pink pepper and raspberry; evolves to a heart of magnolias, cherry blossoms and jasmine, but then dries down to a remaining base of vanilla and white musk. It’s pretty without being too precious, beautiful without being delicate. The woman who wears this fragrance is merely drawing you in with a lighter hand this season, but she’s lost nothing of her edge.

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom Fragrance Display Long

This iteration of the Fan di Fendi fragrances blossomed in the spring, and is particularly lovely for the heat of summer. I can get down with it, especially since it’ll still got enough heart to last you into the first leaves drifting down to the grass come fall. The good times to be had with a fragrance that celebrates the power of the feminine will last long after your tan fades. This blossom will not fade.

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom is available now, so enjoy while the summer’s still nice and hot, then wrap yourself in it when you need to escape. You’re likely to become, well, a fan.

All photos: Kristin Booker. All rights reserved.



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