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Kristin Booker • January 1, 2010

Fashion and Beauty New Year’s Resolutions We Can All Get Behind

I was thinking about it over the holidays and I’ve got some collective resolutions that I think we can all get behind. Looking for a good New Year’s Resolution? Feel free to borrow one (or all) of these:

Stop Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit – Look, clothes that are too big don’t make you look any thinner than clothes that are too small. You’re not fooling anybody. Take the time to wear clothes that fit and you won’t have to keep untagging yourself from photos on Facebook.

Don’t Impulse Purchase – Sample sales are amazing and I love a good fistacuffs over a pair of Prada shoes like everyone else but let’s all resolve to stop overspending in 2010. If you really, really love it and you can think of at least ten occasions where you’ll wear it and you have – wait for it – at least three other things in your wardrobe that will work with it, then by all means you have my blessing. But having just given away insane amounts of clothes and shoes that I don’t even remember purchasing when I just moved, it’s not worth it. Only buy it if you love it and it works.

Experiment with Fashion, Style and Beauty – If you still have the same haircut you had a few years ago, you only wear one certain type of nail polish or if your closet has ten of the same item, it’s time to mix it up a little. Seek experts who can help you test new makeup ideas, play around with your hair a little bit or get some clothes that will update your style. It can start with a nail polish, like my new obsession, Chanel Particulière Nail Polish (the one on the far left above, $23), coming to a Chanel counter near you in January 2010 (which, as you know, is tomorrow).

Follow Trends but Follow Your Heart – I’m always going to tell you what the trends of the season are but you should know beyond a shadow of a doubt if something will or will not work for you. I’m a bit of a fashion contrarian that way myself, you know: I love to zig when everyone else is zagging. Individual style is incredibly important and looking like a clone is something that just won’t do. Take cues from your style inspirations and then do what you want. Only you should dictate what is best for yourself.

Stop Abusing Yourself – OK, so I’m only going to say this once and I want you to hear me. Overscrubbing your skin makes it worse. Overdoing heat and chemical treatments destroys your hair. Dieting to excess will only result in poor health and/or gaining more weight later. It’s just time to realize that taking your frustrations out on your looks DOES NOT WORK. Take care of yourself. Find beauty regimens that will work without so much pain and please find a diet and exercise program that will give you a healthy, beautiful body.

Get Rid of People Who Suck – Bad lovers, relatives, toxic “frenemies” – people who just suck the life out of you are NOT WORTH IT. I’m convinced the grey hair in my eyebrows are caused by toxic relationships and I’ve spent the last month getting rid of every one of them. Toxic people cause toxic behavior and it’s just time to let them go. This is a call to action. I mean it. Get rid of people who suck. They give you wrinkles and grey hair and the stress can kill you. Drink champagne with lovely people who love and support you instead. Your body will thank you.

Pamper the Hell Out of Yourself – This is my personal New Year’s Resolution. You are worth every manicure, pedicure, haircut/color/treatment, spa visit, yoga class or cooking class you feel like taking this year. When you do things for yourself, you actually look and feel a thousand times better. Make appointments to look and feel your absolute best this year.

Be Yourself and Be Happy – I have finally come to realize that I spent a lot of time unnecessarily worrying about people accepting me without worrying about the most important person accepting me, which was ME! We’re all out here doing the best we can and sometimes we gel and sometimes we don’t. You’re the only “you” that’s walking around out here so fall madly in love with yourself, warts and all. Embrace your weird habits and spend the rest of your life looking for other people who will smile when you exhibit your strange behavior or do those things you do.

Make 2010 the year you fall madly in love with yourself. Whether you experiment with fashion, style and beauty or you just decide to love yourself exactly as you are, resolve to be the best “you” possible this year.

Many blessings and Happy New Year!


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