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Kristin Booker • August 27, 2012

Fashion Confession: My Closet Has Recently Undergone An Exorcism, a.k.a The Bad Clothes Cleanout

This is what’s left of my closet, after 33 lbs of clothes were taken out. I assume the sprinkling of Holy Water is next due to the level of evil activity that was happening in here.

OK, so true confessions time: my closet is an unholy mess.

Now, as someone who blogs and writes about fashion, you can imagine what a strange, TLC-reality show moment this is for me to admit, that my own closet is just a freaking disaster. And yet, it totally is.

So, here’s how this happened. In 2007, I moved to NYC to become a fashion and beauty writer. In the years since, I’ve undergone some changes, namely losing weight, starting a career, creating this site, and becoming the person that I always wanted to be. Now that I really feel that I’ve become that person, I can tell you that she’s taken a look at the wardrobe and made a resounding proclamation that this simply will not do.

It’s not even that I want an entire closet full of high-impact labels that would warrant a Robin Leach visit to my home with lights and cameras. I’ve just suffered from three fundamental issues that I think ALL of us have faced at least once in our lives:

1. The clothes in my closet do not form a cohesive wardrobe. That means, that none of my clothes go with any of my clothes. If you were going to give every item in my closet a report card, each one would say “Does not play well with others.”

2. I have a ton of trendy items that look cheap. No, I fully admit this. I have been lured in by the promise of incredible high designer quality at a mass price, only to get it home and realize that the fabrics are generally horrible. I fully admit this. I have gone through my closet and surmised that I must have been a) desperate, b) drunk or c) blind when I purchased many of the clothes I’ve worn in the past five years.

3) I have a variety of sizes and shapes in wardrobe. I have been everything from a size 24 down to my current size 8 and I have a WHOLE LOT of clothes I used to not leave the house naked in between. Hence, it’s like the Goldilocks closet experience: this shirt is too big, these jackets are too worn, what the Hell is this bag doing in here…etc. As much as I’ve tried to edit, it’s just been rough.

So, basically, my closet had to undergo an exorcism. It was possessed with horrible, scary things. Going into it was kind of like this:

SO, here’s what went down this past week. I went through everything I owned and really took a hard look at it. And then I opened up three gigantic garbage bags, put about 75% of my clothes in it and called a service to pick it up for a local woman’s shelter. Because it’s time: new body, new outlook on life and I’d rather have ten items in my closet that work well together that I love with a fiery passion than a whole closet filled with items that have absolutely no cohesive style.

Up next? The plan of attack: a cohesive shopping list of items that I need to complete my Ultimate I Love My Closet Wardrobe. Have


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  1. Jenn says:

    Nice!! Desperately need to do this as well! Can you please share the name of where you called to donate your old items?

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