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Kristin Booker • August 25, 2010

Fashion Denim Must-Have: My Personal Moment with Tory Burch Denim

Historically, when I’ve gone to denim events, I usually find myself backing toward a corner. As a curvaceous woman, I’m not really one to struggle with the quest for the perfect pair of jeans in public, especially surrounded by women I perceive to have an easier time in the dressing room. Even your best friends will start to make you feel a tad uncomfortable when they’re slipping into pair after pair and they’re yelling “How ya doin’ over there?” while you’re struggling to get them over your upper thigh. I usually grab a pair for a good friend and save myself the inevitable pity parties that ensue when I can’t get into a pair of jeans.

Recently, I was invited into the Tory Burch boutique in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District for an event that announced her new line of denim. Did you know that Tory did jeans? Nope, neither did I, but I gamely showed up for an evening of fun and styling when it came to her new line. Touching and viewing the line was the first clue that this isn’t your everyday denim: it’s supersoft and meticulously crafted of incredibly fine materials with just the right amount of stretch that won’t give out and become shapeless. In short, it’s worthy of the Tory Burch signature monogram.

After multiple salespeople and friends chided me for not trying the denim on, a lovely salesperson, Meg, sidled up to me and said “These would look spectacular on you” and handed me three pairs of denim. She guessed my size. I smiled weakly and told her my that my prior experiences have been less than stellar with stiff, rough, too small jeans not build for curves. She smiled and said, “Just try them on.”

And so I did. And they fit. And now I’m addicted. Seriously, I need to launder them before I wear them to pieces. I love them that much. They’re the softest, nicest jeans that I own and I’m completely crazy about them. I have the Super Saturated Straight Jeans ($185) and I plan on going back for more. They come in skinny, straight, leggings, bootcut and trouser styles. It’s about to become a problem, people. They’re THAT GOOD.

Check out the collection and then find your nearest Tory Burch boutique or go online. They’re true to size (for once in my denim-buying life I can say that) and could be the hardest working wardrobe item of fall. Painted, prints or just basic darks and blues: I hereby pledge my allegiance to all things Tory Burch Denim. Check it out!

FTC Full Disclosure: jeans received for review


2 Responses to Fashion Denim Must-Have: My Personal Moment with Tory Burch Denim

  1. What's Haute says:

    I feel your pain! I have experienced the same thing at many denim events, but glad to know these have an awesome fit for curvaceous girls. Just another reason why I love Tory Burch!

  2. Ashley Futak says:

    And they LOOKED amazing on you!! The fit, style, everything…they are def a do on my list of upcoming purchases!

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