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Kristin Booker • April 25, 2010

Fashion Dilemma: What To Wear On A First Date

So, last night I had a first date. After the giddiness wore off after accepting the date, panic set in: what do I wear? Understanding that a first date outfit should show your own personal style yet be comfortable enough so you’re not fidgeting, here were my considerations when picking out the look:

  • I rarely wear skirts. I have great legs, don’t get me wrong, but I think I actually own two skirts. Most of my dresses are of the cocktail and gala event variety, so that’s out.
  • I wanted to be comfortable but alluring. Sexy without looking slutty.
  • I hurt my foot in spinning class, so heels were an automatic out (for this date only)

What did I come up with? Here was my first date look:

Young, Fabulous and Broke “Kane” Top ($140) – the deep V-neck and back is really flattering and the open dolman sleeve is incredibly alluring. It’s blousy and chic but extremely comfortable. We went someplace kind of casual so this was perfect. If you’re going someplace a little more glam, a cute sequined top would be a better choice.

7 For All Mankind “Guinevere” Skinny Black Jean ($185) – this is the ultimate skinny jean with an ultra long leg that makes my legs look really thin and impossibly long. It balanced out the volume of the top and gave me the World’s Best Butt, which I highly recommend as the ultimate confidence builder.

Deborah Grivas Designs Long Crystal Drop Earrings ($45) – Long earrings are your friend for three reasons: 1) they elongate your face and neckline; 2) they magically bring someone’s gaze to your eyes; and 3) their movement is incredibly hypnotic. These earrings are alluring and you can’t beat them for the price.

Amrita Singh “Alanna” Bangle Set ($100) – Bangles are hypnotic and draw attention to the wrist, which is an erogenous zone. Remember this, ladies.

Now for the shoes. Had I not wounded myself in spinning class (don’t ask), I would have worn my Kors Michael Kors “Paris” Sandals ($295). However, I don’t believe in excess pain (it’s a personal preference), so I wore cute black ballerina flats. I advise heels as a general rule, but ballet flats will do in case of injury. This does NOT, however, give you an excuse not to get a mani/pedi prior to the date. Good grooming is an absolute necessity!

I kept makeup minimal, with a black cat eye, flushed cheeks and a nude lip. I don’t believe in non-kissable lip products on dates.

I won’t tell you too more about the date (a lady never kisses and tells) or who it was with (everyone deserves a little privacy), but suffice it to say that the outfit was effective. I’d recommend it, or something similar, for your next first date.


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  1. Tabitha says:

    love the top! I agree with black skinny pants….always a plus no matter the body type.

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