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Kristin Booker • February 23, 2012

Fashion Must-Have: Robert Verdi Sunglasses

Me in the "Teri" Mod Round Sunglasses with Metallic Trim. $29.99. Click through for more info.

Peeps, I interrupt this evening to tell you that our beloved tastemaker Robert Verdi is on HSN right this second talking about his amazing new line of sunglasses.

Which, you have to admit, is a perfect match. The man whose signature look includes a pair of sunglasses perched atop his head and a style maven who works with labels that would make most of us cry designing a line of sunnies for fashion fans everywhere? Yep – we need them.

The sunglasses come in a variety of gorgeous styles (some seen here) and they are ALREADY SELLING OUT. I’d either turn on the tv right this second and dial like you mean it or head to and start clicking to buy! I love LOVE mine. Get some, too!


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