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Kristin Booker • September 7, 2010

Fashion Necessity: DKNY Active Rain Boots

I have to admit that I’m a late convert to the cult of wellies. I had rain boots as a kid, but once I hit high school I guess I thought it was cooler to have wet feet..? Anyway, now living in NYC and having landed in extremely deep puddles in fabulous heels one too many times, I am a huge fan of wellies. Which is why I’m totally thrilled that one of my favorite lines, DKNY, has a brand new line of Active Rain Boots to get us all through the rainier months.

Since the sun is possibly shining where you are right now, I know this is the last thing you want to think about, but let’s be honest: NO ONE wants to think about rain boots until you NEED them. Which you will sooner than you think. It’s why I suggest you check out these impossibly cute, stylish and oh-so-right rain boots post-haste. A little planning on your part = no major fashion disasters once fall rain comes.

They look adorable with both dresses and jeans and they’re just as perfect for a trip to the office as they are splashing in puddles like a five year-old on weekends.

Rainy days don’t necessarily have to go away, especially when boots this fun and fashionable can make them a little brighter. Bring it on, Mother Nature: we’re ready for ya.

DKNY Active Rain Boots ($89-99), available via their website


One Response to Fashion Necessity: DKNY Active Rain Boots

  1. Joules Boots says:

    I really love DKNY!!!

    Mostly I use their perfumes (Apples), but asfar as I am fond of welly boots, I’d like to have these boots also!!!

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