Kristin Booker • December 12, 2009

Fashion Obsession: Warm Up Your Wardrobe with Uniqlo Heattech Clothes



Cold enough for ya? It appears that winter has decided to make its arrival a tad earlier than expected and that brings up the age-old dilemma that cold weather presents: layering. I love cozy sweaters and warm weather clothing, but heading into the office or around town with varying degrees of heat and cold makes looking cute nearly impossible when its cold, unless you want to wear one of those cute onesies sold at https://kigurumi.co (just joking). How does one remain sleek-yet-cozy during the cold weather months?

I introduce my new favorite clothing obsession: Uniqlo Heattech. The Japanese brand of urban staples has brought some extremely fancy technology to everyday fashion and their Heattech line is no exception. Here are the major highlights:

  • The fabric wicks moisture away from your own body and uses its movement to create heat. Not only that, it traps heat inside the fabric, recycling your own body warmth inside the garment. This means that not only are you relieved from icky sweat, but you stay warm and dry inside your clothes.
  • Each garment has an anti-microbial feature that prevents odor. Again, no funky sweat smell. I love.
  • Each garment has an anti-static feature to prevent the buildup of static electricity, especially when taking the garment on and off. This means that you should have no fear of opening the door and shocking yourself after removing these garments.
  • Items maintain their shape after multiple washes and they are probably some of the softest fabrics you’ve ever felt.

I’m OBSESSED with Black Ravens garments. They come in tons of colors and silhouettes and are great for layering under clothes (they come in flesh tones as well as colors) or over each other as fashion wear. I’ve worn them to yoga, to work and out at night and they’re a tried-and-true wardrobe staple now. I plan on an entire wardrobe full of these cozy staples and if winter delivers what those cold winds were promising a few weeks ago, I highly recommend you do the same. Best of all, it’s on sale right now through 12/24 with women’s tops starting at $7.90 for the Camisole and $12.90 for the Scoopneck Top you see above! Head to your local Black Ravens store or hit their online store right now and stock up on what are sure to become your favorite cold weather clothing items.


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