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Kristin Booker • May 6, 2014

Sometimes, You’ve Gotta Wear Sweats





This is a lazy girl fashion post. I’d like to be clear about that up front.

I’d also like to state for the record that I posted a photo in this series on xoJane as part of an article and I got HAMMERED in the comments. So, in my own defense, I’m reposting the best of the series here because sometimes a girl just wants to wear sweats.

Look, we have a billion really nice sweatpants out there if you want to get dressy, but I’m quite partial to this pair from Hanes. They’re my favorites from Lucky Guy (my boyfriend, in case you’re just joining the party) and they make me super happy. What gets complicated is sometimes I have to kick it out of the house and make it look like the whole look was planned. You know those calls: you suddenly realize you’ve forgotten something and you’re chilling in sweats. NOW what do you do? I say keep ’em on and dress around them.






Good shoes, a good handbag, sunnies and an even dressier option on top: done. Because, honestly, some days you just want to be comfortable AND cute. Tonight’s our anniversary dinner, so I’m thinking this might be the look I rock tonight.  But that rumor about freelancers wearing our pajamas out of the house is kind of bogus. I get dressed every day….sometimes I have to work around WHAT I’m wearing, but I do get dressed.

What I’m Wearing: H&M Sequined Knit Top (no longer available, new styles here😉 Hanes EcoSmart sweatpants; ASOS Aviators; Jimmy Choo Agnes pumps; CC Skye Vaulted clutch, Monika Chiang bracelet.

All photos in this post: Giafrese


One Response to Sometimes, You’ve Gotta Wear Sweats

  1. Sili says:

    I love it! I am wearing yoga pants right now because…well, because I am. You look stunning in these and the top is amazeballs and makes it all sleek and swanky. Now going to grab me some sweats! 😉


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