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Kristin Booker • March 6, 2012

Beautiful Sights: Watch the L’Odyssée de Cartier Short Film

A still from the Cartier short film, "L'Odyssee du Cartier"

If you happened to be watching TV this weekend, you might have spotted a gorgeous commercial/mini-film by storied jewelry legend Cartier. Entitled “L’Odyssée de Cartier,” it’s a cinematic  journey through the house’s storied history and most famous collections. I had a chance to see the sneak peek at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week (a night I will not soon forget) and it’s breathtaking. If you’ve not seen it (or want to watch the detail again), please do enjoy:

The Cartier brothers created a footprint in the jewelry business built on exceptional quality and infused with their own sense of adventure. The three brothers set out to conquer the world and created shops in three major world locations (Louis in Paris, Jacques in London and Pierre in the 5th Avenue flagship here in New York City) but traveled extensively and sought inspiration in some of the most exciting places on Earth.

This short film was an arduous labor of love. Directed by Bruno Aveillan, it took a crew of 60 for on-location shoots and over 50 animators to create this amazing digital piece. The gorgeous score you hear was composed and arranged by Pierre Adenot and recorded with an 84-piece orchestra in London’s Abbey Road studios, where the score for Star Wars, Harry Potter and many other masterpieces were recorded.

As for the jewelry? Multiple pieces from the brand’s storied history make an appearance, from the emerald-eyed panther to the tank watch and juicy fruits collection inspired by the jewels of the Far East. The ending pieces on model Shalom Harlow are extraordinary: “Monica” diamond and fine-pearl earrings, a ring set with a 13.4-carat pear-cut solitaire diamond, and a one-of-a-kind High Jewelry platinum Panther bracelet set with one 51.58-carat green beryl, onyx spots and nose, emerald eyes, and brilliant-cut diamonds.
If a girl’s gotta dream, surely this is the stuff of which our finest ones are made. Take a break today and enjoy your own odyssey through it again and again. I know I will.


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