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Kristin Booker • January 19, 2012

Fitness and Weight Loss Tips: Core Fusion Questions Answered By Fred DeVito

The Master of All Things Core Fusion, co-creator and exhale Executive VP Mind Body Training, Fred DeVito

So, I get a LOT of questions about my journey to fitness with Core Fusion (and I will check in on the pounds lost tomorrow, so stay tuned).  I thought that when it comes to my personal experience, I can answer the question, but if you have specific questions about expert topics, why not let the experts speak? Here are three reader questions answered by Fred DeVito, the co-creator of Core Fusion and Executive Vice President of Mind Body Training at exhale Mind Body Spa:

Core Fusion Body Sculpt DVD

Reader Question: Hey Kristin… if I were going to purchase a few Exhale DVDs which ones would you start with. I would love to take classes at the Atlanta location, but it is not convenient… thought the DVDS could jump start my 2012 program. I actually train twice a week, and have done barre awhile ago…. If you have had success I think it’s a good choice for days when work keeps me away from the gym. Thanks!!!!” – Tracy, Atlanta, GA

Fred says: “Hi Tracy! Start with the Body Sculpt and Pilates Plus DVDs, then graduate to Lean and Toned. These DVDs represent the barre class workouts, where Abs + Arms and Thighs + Glutes are specialty DVDs that focus on those particular spots.”

Reader Question: “Ok, so how often should you do Core Fusion to get results like Kristin’s? I’m concerned that I won’t get enough cardio, but I see that she does a bunch of your classes and looks great, so let me know how to do it! Can you get that kind of results from the DVDs?” – Susan, Los Angeles, CA

Fred says: “Hi Susan! You can absolutely get results from the DVDs. Mix 3 days of the DVDs (see above answer to Tracy) and 2 days a week of Cardio. Our Boot Camp, Power Sculpt and Cardio DVD’s can provide indoor cardio work. Keep in mind when you are trying to change your body, muscle density (strengthening) raises metabolism which provides a 24/7 calorie burn. A cardio workout gives you a 60-minute calorie burn, which sounds more promising if your goal is to lose weight like Kristin did and continues to do.”

Reader Question: “Can men do (or do men do) Core Fusion? What are some suggestions for men starting that kind of workout regimen and is there a different class we can take?” – Matt, New York, NY

Fred says: “Thanks for the question, Matt. We have a lot of men who take core Fusion on a regular basis. This class provides your fitness missing link since most men focus on weight training, cardio and sports. Core Fusion gives you deep strength training, core stabilization and abdominal work, plus added flexibility and stretching. All of our classes are co-ed, so just come for an open or basic class to get yourself started.”

Do YOU have a question about Core Fusion, weight loss, eating right or basically ANYTHING? I will be happy to have Fred or anyone else I know in the industry answer anything you’ve got coming. Ask away, folks!


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