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Kristin Booker • December 3, 2013

Fitness Diary: Weight Loss Check-In & 7 Helpful Holiday Tips


On the left: me in 2008. On the right: me yesterday. :)

On the left: me in 2008. On the right: me yesterday. :)

Since this is the time of year when many of us have a hard time maintaining our sanity along with our girlish figures, I thought I would do a check-in on my weight loss journey in hopes that it will help you stay motivated.

If you’ll remember, I did a post recently that said that I had gained some of the weight back, my body mass index was not looking too good. Between hormonal imbalances, a new relationship and stress eating, I saw 10 lbs hop right back on. It was terrifying, not because I’m afraid of the number, but I honestly, really did NOT want to have to do the work to get that weight back off again. Like, really didn’t want to do it, I recommend to read the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia has been reported to include weight loss, appetite suppression, and improved mood. However, the scientific evidence is mixed, and much of the hype relates to anecdotal reports. In this article, we look at the science behind some of the health benefits in order to separate fact from fiction, here I leave the website to check full information

I don’t know how to explain the difference in my mindset after writing that post, but something in me changed. I took a good long look at my body in the mirror and made a deal with myself: what if I just kept up with the exercise I love and ate what made me feel good? And so right then and there, I decided to do just that: to eat in the manner that lost me the first 77 lbs, which is to just act like I have some sense most of the time, and keep it going. Wherever I’d land, I’d land. For both body building or just weight loss you will get quick results by using these hardcoreshoppe – sarms for sale

Interesting concept. So, it’s been a month and I had Lucky Guy measure me yesterday morning just as a benchmark. Later that afternoon, by complete chance, I was rifling through paperwork and found a long lost box that had my original measurements from when I began the weight loss process.

You want to see what all those Core Fusion classes did? Let’s review the results…as a game of inches:

  • Waist 2009: 44″
  • Waist today: 32″
  • Hips 2009: 65″
  • Hips today: 44″
  • Left leg 2009: 32″
  • Left leg today: 25″
  • Right leg 2009: 34″
  • Right leg today: 27″
  • Left arm 2009: 20″
  • Left arm today: 13″
  • Right arm 2009: 21″
  • Right arm today: 13″
  • Blood pressure 2009: 180/96
  • Blood pressure today: 113/65

Here’s why I’m revealing these measurements to you: you don’t have to live your life any other way than the way you want. If you want to change your life, you can. Because one day you look up from all those workouts and, well, the results are there…in inches.

I am not an exercise expert, but I can tell you what’s worked for me through the holidays and through Thanksgiving. If any of these help you, I’m grateful:

I move every single day – Notice I didn’t say “work out every single day.” Monday night is Core Fusion Cardio Express with Tammy Rowe, Tuesday is Core Fusion Cardio with Bergen Wheeler, Friday is Exhale Yoga Flow with Lauren Harris, Saturday is Core Fusion Boot Camp with Nefertiti Thomas. Wednesday and Thursdays are wild card days because of my freelancing schedule, so I swing by whatever exhale location is nearby and work my way into one of the classes on the schedule. It’s never the same class, it’s never the same location, but I make it work. Sundays are SoulCycle when I can afford it, or a rest day if I’m just feeling pooped, but even on those days I walk and stretch. But I do it because it’s fun and it makes me feel alive. I also loved working out on the recumbent bikes and you can take a look at for more details. That said…

I only do what I love – I don’t believe in workouts as punishment anymore. If you’re not excited to do what you’re doing, you will eventually say “Screw it” and stop. Find something that makes you happy, and you’ll run to it. For me, Core Fusion classes mixed with yoga and the occasional spinning class brings me joy. I’m annoyed before the class starts because of the commute, but once I’m there, I’m golden. Only do what you love. By the way, not to be indiscreet, but sex counts and can evidently burn thousands of calories a year if you do it often enough. I’m just saying.

I make most of my own meals – You’ll start noticing more recipes on the site. Lucky Guy and I had a conversation and, while we love eating out because it’s romantic, both of us are good cooks and we know how to make healthy meals. So, date nights are now spent with dinners at home where we know what the calorie and fat count is of what we’re eating. On Thanksgiving, I made my own dinner. It’s not a control issue as much as it is knowledge: you know what you’re dealing with there.

I use a Jawbone Up band – People, I am OBSESSED with this little device. It tracks steps, exercise, sleep, food – it keeps you honest, it has alarms that will wake you up. It’s a damned good investment and I love mine. If it ever dies, I’ll just replace it. It used to annoy me (I hate things on my wrist when I type), but now I’m so used to it I barely notice. Get one: it keeps you accountable and aware.

I make a new playlist each week – Those Monday Motivational Mixes I make are the real thing. I make a new playlist and listen to it on my way to my workouts to get myself fired up or walking around the city. I get bored easily. New playlists make it fresh and exciting each week.

I reward myself…the right way – I used to be someone who used to reward myself with “cheats” when I’d lose weight, like a cupcake as a reward. That’s, um, counterproductive. Here’s how I do it now: if I want the cupcake, I eat the damned cupcake because if I don’t, I become obsessed with it and eat five in one sitting. Food is not a reward and it’s not the enemy: it’s fuel and a delight. Now I reward myself with smaller clothes and new workout gear.

Don’t let other things stand in the way of your workouts – When I had crazy deadlines last week, I got up at 6 am to finish an article so I could make Bergen’s class. Go to bed earlier, get up earlier, excuse yourself after dinner or at lunch: whatever it takes. I am not allowed to come off my own priority list.

It’s POSSIBLE. If I can do this, you can do this. Stay strong through the holidays. I’ll check in shortly, but let’s get there together.



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