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Kristin Booker • March 30, 2010

Fitness Directory: Get Blissed Out and Toned at YogaWorks

You know that a few of us bloggers are on this mission to get into fantastic shape. Could it be all the photos floating around of us on the Internet? Maybe. I’d like to think that since we’re usually out and about covering events pretty much every night and we all work insane schedules, we’re just putting the focus back where it belongs, which is taking care of ourselves. All of us need to insist on personal time where we take extra special care of our bodies since we demand so much from them on a daily basis.

My friend Dina from eye4style got a few of us together to try a yoga class at the absolutely beauty YogaWorks in Soho. I’m a huge fan so I jumped at the chance and I have to tell you, I was thoroughly impressed. The studio is a gorgeous urban retreat with tons of light, zen rock embellishment and beautiful natural touches. It’s incredibly clean (a big one for me) and filled with tons of different classes for anyone at any level. As a long-time yoga enthusiast, I’ll vouch for the quality of my instructor. Since we had a mixed class, she taught a great Open class where the poses were challenging-but-doable for beginners and those of us who had a more advanced practice sincerely got a good workout. They also have a BarWorks class I’m dying to try if you want to mix it up a little.

Bright, beautiful and a peaceful urban retreat where your practice can flourish. If you’re into yoga, or would like to try something new for your fitness routine, head to YogaWorks in Soho or any of their locations in New York or around the country (Los Angeles, Northern California and Orange County) to get long, lean and balanced for spring. Namaste.

Click here for locations, class schedules and contact information


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