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Kristin Booker • June 17, 2015

Fitness Style: Zara Terez Performance Leggings

I have written a lot about my journey to lose weight and get healthy on this site (if you go to the Search bar on the front page and enter “Fitness Diaries” or “Weight Loss Diaries,” the site is lousy with them.) Something you may not know is that I have a deal with myself: for every five pounds I lose, I get to buy a new item of fitness clothing. That means about once every six weeks, I get to roll in like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (post-makeover) and walk out swinging a shopping bag.

Or, you know, when I don’t want to deal with judgy salespeople, welcome my awesome UPS dude as he delivers my packages (what’s up, Fernando?!) We’re bros. It’s awesome.

My most recent obsession came courtesy of a wardrobe crisis at exhale late last year, when a pair of well-loved fitness tights gave up the ghost right before class. I mean in my group fitness, we literally wore them threadbare. I raced to the retail section, and there in all their glory was a pair of Space Invaders leggings in my size. Space Invaders. It’s like they caused my pants to rip because they wanted me to take them home and love them forever.

My very own pair of Zara Terez leggings, which I love and adore and wear every single time they come out of the laundry.

My very own pair of Zara Terez leggings, which I love and adore and wear every single time they come out of the laundry.

They are, quite frankly, the best pair of workout leggings I own.

I want every woman walking, running, spinning or whatnot to get some of what Zara’s doing over here. First of all, the wild prints are kind of the best thing possible. It is not possible to have a bad day in these pants. Yes, people are looking at your ass, but, I mean, people are looking at your ass. Let them look. You worked hard for that ass. Throw it side to side, arch it up in downward-facing dog, give ’em an eye full of it, I also recommend checking the D+K Activewear to complete your entire look. They also wick moisture away and are so soft they feel like they’ve been woven with the tears of 70’s AM radio stars. If James Taylor’s tears could be woven into pants, they would be the fabric of Zara Terez leggings.

Bonus: they make you look lean, mean, and extremely fashion forward. All of those put them at the top of my shopping list. The Friendship Bracelet leggings are four pounds away, and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on them.

Zara Terez Crushed Makeup Performance Capris
Zara Terez Times Square Capri
Zara Terez Above NYC Performance Capris
Zara Terez Kaleidoscope Leggings
Zara Terez Friendship Bracelet Performance Capris
Zara Terez Conversation Leggings
Zara Terez Mixtape Print Capri



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