Kristin Booker • August 26, 2009

Five Questions, Five Minutes: Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi Shares His Thoughts on Fall Fashion

Don’t you wish some days that there was a fabulous celebrity stylist that could just pop out of your closet and help you make sense of it all? Me too, which is why I called in celebrity stylist Robert Verdi. Between dressing Eva Longoria Parker and countless other stars, working on his jewelry line, shooting multiple television shows and basically making the world more fabulous every day, he took some time to share his thoughts on the perfect fall wardrobe with you, the FSB reader:

Robert, you fabulous celebrity stylist, what are some of your favorite trends for fall?
I like the return of the toughness of biker chic and really appreciate it when paired with feminine, frilly things. A leather jacket over a tulle skirt or a similar leather jacket cropped over an evening gown is a gorgeous and fresh approach to “tough-but-sweet.” I’m also a huge fan of the Hitchcock heroines, so I was pleased to see the return of the 40’s strong female silhouette; a belted jacket with a sharp shoulder paired with slim skirt is very old Hollywood and a classic, strong silhouette. You know, I also have to say that as a child of the 80’s, I really appreciate the modern take on neon, like those Michael Kors neon shift dresses (and who didn’t love Michelle Obama wearing it recently?) Between neon and flashes of punk rock influence, I’m thrilled with these new takes on some old favorites.

What is one item that women should definitely keep in their closets? What’s one thing we should recycle from last Fall?
I feel like last fall the elongated cardigan, aka “the boyfriend” or “grandpa” sweater, is a key piece that you should recycle from last year. Actually, any oversized sweater or cardigan will look just as fresh and inviting this year. Belting them or layering them over slimmer pieces will be incredibly flattering on everyone and it’s a cool twist on your wardrobe to wear outerwear that almost look like you should wear them outdoors inside.

If a woman has to run out and get one key clothing piece for Fall, what should she buy?
I’m always going to advise investing in a fresh jacket or coat. These are necessary pieces that always have great versatility, they make or break your total look and you can amortize the cost against how often you’ll use it. I’m also feeling like tweed pieces will be a great investment this season, like the gorgeous pieces Carolina Herrera showed a little while ago. A tweed coat/jacket or a matching vest with skirt combination will add a dash of menswear panache to your wardrobe and can be key pieces this season.

In terms of accessories, what is a key purchase for women for the coming season?
You know, it’s funny because we’ve seen the “It” bag become the centerpiece of a look for a while now, but the statement necklace has its moment now. This accessory sort of crept up the charts in importance this past season and it’s definitely front and center for fall as the “it” item. This is the season to invest in a great statement centerpiece necklace. It’s the go-to accessory for this season.

Come on, dish with us: if money were no object and we had a fabulous celebrity stylist dressing us, what is the mind-blowing, money-is-no-object you would make sure we all had in our wardrobes.
Oooh, I love this question! This was a hard one but I would have to say that you’ll want something that will stand the test of time. I think I would have to advise purchasing a Chanel jacket or handbag because they’re timeless and classic, expensive and they’re not something you buy every day. I also think I would advise a really spectacular over-the-knee boot like the Chelsea from Sergio Rossi ($1,195). Again, timeless, classic, expensive and not something you buy every day. These are investment pieces that will pay themselves off over your life because you’ll wear them often and you’ll love them even more as time goes on.

Stay tuned for more news on this fabulous celebrity stylist coming soon on FSB but definitely take these picks with you when you’re looking at planning your own fall wardrobe. After all, who else can say that a celebrity stylist helped them plan their fall looks? You, that’s who. 🙂


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