Kristin Booker • September 9, 2009

Five Questions, Five Minutes: Celebrity Stylist Stacey Mayesh

In order to make sense of the fall trends, sometimes a girl just needs to call in the experts. As part of our experts series, I’ve decided to tap another celebrity stylist and wardrobe consultant, Stacey Mayesh. Stacey’s former life at magazines like InStyle, Lucky, Marie Claire, Glamour, and countless other publications prepared her to style the likes of Susan Sarandon, Selma Blair, Cameron Diaz, Carolyn Murphy, Claire Danes and countless others. Now known as the Manhattanite’s secret style weapon, I pinned this style dynamo and mother of two down for five minutes at a Tribeca coffee shop to have her answer our five questions series. Here is Stacey’s advice for a fabulous fall wardrobe, FSB reader:

Stacey, you fabulous celebrity stylist, what are some of your favorite trends for fall?
The number one item is over-the-knee boots in suede or a gorgeous leather. Black or brown, it doesn’t matter. They come in every version from vampy to ladylike, but every pair adds a high sex quotient to any outfit. As a personal aside, I’ve been rocking this trend for a while as my signature, so it’s kind of fun to see everyone sort of adopting it now, but it proves that the trend has staying power, right? Another trend I love is leather leggings. Not every woman can wear them but if you can, this is the season to adopt this look. You’ll also need a leopard-print accessory of some kind: a boot, a heel (editor’s note: or these cute Tory Burch leopard-print flats!) – I’ll be carrying my Lanvin leopard bag to rock this trend. The oversized clutch for evening shows no signs of slowing down and will be a key piece this season. It should be something rough rather than shiny and perfect. Also, every woman needs a black leather motorcycle jacket to work that tough-but-sweet revival of 80’s punk that’s really hot this season. Rick Owens makes the best ones out there, in my opinion.

What is one item that women should definitely keep in their closets? What’s one thing we should recycle from last Fall?
Well, the oversized clutch is a repeater from last season, so that’s something you can pull back out and make it work again. Leopard-print is also something that we’ve seen for the past season or two and the ankle bootie is another piece that shows no signs of slowing down, so feel free to rock those pieces again.

If a woman has to run out and get one key clothing piece for Fall, what should she buy?
I’m always going to tell you to get these key wardrobe pieces: a great fitting pair of jeans, sexy boots, the perfect go-to dress that makes you feel amazing whenever you wear it, and one signature piece you’re known for, whether that’s a piece of jewelry or an accessory. Trends come and go, but it’s most important to have your own signature style.

You’ve dressed a lot of women in your career. What is the most common mistake women make when it comes to getting dressed and how can we avoid it?

Honestly, it’s being “trend-specific” and not knowing what looks good on you. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean everyone should wear it. You will always look your best if you know your body and your silhouette from your hair all the way down to your feet. Always look at every trend and purchase with your entire wardrobe behind it and think, “What could I wear with this?” If the answer is that you have to build a wardrobe around the piece, it doesn’t fit and you should pass on it.

Shop strategically and find elements to take your whole wardrobe up a notch. If you have a closet that has fewer pieces but all of them work together, you actually have more outfits than most people…and all of them will look good on you. Take photos of these really amazing outfits and create a look book that you can take shopping with you. It’ll make sure you already know what you have and you’ll be more aware of what looks good on you and what doesn’t.

Come on, dish with us: if money were no object and we had a fabulous celebrity stylist dressing us, what is the mind-blowing, money-is-no-object you would make sure we all had in our wardrobes.
Wow, you know, I love custom jewelry – a big, fabulous statement piece that no one else will ever have! One amazing piece of jewelry can change your whole look. Actually, a whole staff of custom magicians is what I’d love to have – people who can create things just for you as one-of-a-kind pieces like jewelry, clothes, handbags, etc. You walk in, give them what’s on your mind and they just magically appear!


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