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Kristin Booker • September 20, 2013

Friday Favorite: Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Travel Candles

So pretty, so cranky-day erasing.

So pretty, so soothing…so cranky-day erasing.

Congratulations! We’ve made it to Friday, people!

I’m sitting here, trying to write this post and I have officially flatlined. By the time Friday rolls around, my brain essentially stops working to the point where basic spelling and math turn into playing chess with Bobby Fisher. Which means it’s time to relax a little and take some time away for myself. Maybe spend a little time with Lucky Guy, because, I’ll be honest: I’m a social animal during the week, but by the time Friday rolls around I am officially Tired of Most People.

Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Travel Candles. Image courtesy of Cowshed.

Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Travel Candles. Image courtesy of Cowshed.

Before Fashion Week, a friend sent over this amazing set of travel candles as a I-hope-you-survive-please-don’t-die gesture. They’re now a regular staple of my calm-the-Hell-down Friday schedule. Packed with chamomile and jasmine essential oils, they are small but mighty: one tiny candle can alter the scent of a good ten feet or so, and burned around a room, they can soothe even the most frayed nerves.

In short, this is me before burning these sanity-giving lifesavers:

And this is me, post-candle burning..



They’re amazing and clearly built for those who travel. Get them. Because the candle you burn now may save a life….well, not really, but it may save you from delivering a cranky verbal beat down, and let’s all avoid that if we can, shall we?

Cowshed Lazy Cow Soothing Travel Candles, $34,



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