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Kristin Booker • March 21, 2011

FSB Book Club Selection Of The Week: What To Wear, Where! The How-To Handbook For Any Style Situation


It’s that kind of day. Everything is going well and then that invitation you’ve been dying for arrives! YES! You’re so excited, you text your best friend and the two of you collectively squeal like your favorite boy band member threw his leather jacket at you.  Whatever it is, whether it be a date with that person or an engraved invitation to the black tie event of the season, you’ve got it and you are THERE.

And then it hits you..that wave of panic…that intense fear. What will you WEAR?!?

Ok, so everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) has been there. From the intense sweat that starts to form on your brow when the words “festive attire” are mentioned to the trick of being casual-yet-stylish when all you really want to do is wear sweatpants, there’s always a trick to looking your absolute best for every occasion and they are contained within a sweet little paperback that you need RIGHT NOW.

The ladies behind the highly-addictive Who What Wear blog have written a book to help you get dressed for every occasion. Like a pocket stylist, keeping this book in your closet is like having a celebrity stylist on speed dial. We’re talking practically every occasion you can think of, from a barbecue to an art gallery opening to running errands to a black tie anything. They’ll give you sharp tips on what to consider, what to avoid and what risks you should and shouldn’t take.  I personally used their advice for Birthday Party festive this past weekend and got a gazillion compliments. Ladies, this is the book you need in your life.

Mind you, it’s not a book that you want to read cover to cover in one sitting (although I did because I’m fashion obsessed like that) but rather a reference manual to which you’ll want to refer when getting dressed. Skim the book for overall items you’ll need to pull off any/most of the looks, then refer back when you need it. It’s a great book for inspiration and you’ll really get some great ideas out of it. Best of all? It’s light and small enough to fit in your handbag in case you REALLY need it. Genius!

Did I mention the foreward is by Nicole Richie? Yep, it’s a little slice of heaven.

Can we all afford a personal stylist? No. But for the price of an entree at your favorite restaurant, you can have a ready-made reference manual that will make sure you never leave the house again unsure of your appearance. The ladies of Who What Wear have you covered.

What to Wear, Where! A How To Handbook For Any Style Situation by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power (Abrams, 2009.) Available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine book retailers near you


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