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Kristin Booker • June 30, 2009

FSB For Men: Redken Color Camouflage Service

Guys, please know that the people who love you appreciate good grooming. From pedicures in the summertime (a MUST if you wear flip-flops or “mandals”) to taking care of your skin, looking well-groomed is a sign of self-respect and, quite frankly, it’s hot. Whatever grooming requests you make of your Personal Pit Crew (“Glam Squad” might be too girly), we’re all for it.

In times where looking your best means more than ever (and if you’ve been on a job interview lately, you know what I mean), you might consider a coloring service. We’re not talking full-on obvious haircolor here, gents. After witnessing the Redken for Men’s Customized Camouflage Service, if you’re looking to add more pepper to your salt, this 5-10 minute service is discreet, effective and worth the money.

The service is a demi-permanent tint that is worked into the hair at the shampoo bowl (see, I said it was discreet), left to develop for 5-10 minutes, rinsed out and then your hair is styled as normal. It provides just a tinge of discreet color that honestly just makes you look more refreshed and youthful. It works on blondes, brunettes and redheads, the depth of hues range from Light to Dark, and the color works on all types and lengths of hair. As you can see on the model from the demonstration below, it’s just enough coverage to look amazing but it’s not 80’s soap opera noticeable.

The service costs around $25-70 dollars and is performed in Redken Salons nationwide. Want to give the service a shot? Use their salon locator to find a salon near you.

See, this is so much better than those frosted tips or faux-hawk styles you used to experiment with back in the day…and if you’re still doing that just stop it. Stop it right now and go get this service done.


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