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Kristin Booker • June 11, 2012

FSB Little Black Book of Style: The Spa At Trump Soho

I am the Master of Me Time. I love, love, LOVE spa treatments. I don’t consider massages and the like luxuries, really. In order for your body to work at the peak performance many of us demand from it every day, you have to take care of it. Restorative practices like yoga, massage and various hydrotherapies are essential to recharging your batteries.

That and honestly, I love to let people pet me like a puppy for 90 minutes. It just makes me happy.

So, let’s discuss one of my favorite places in NYC to relax, recharge and get gorgeous, which is The Spa at Trump Soho. This gorgeous destination sits inside the hotel and is on my top place to relax in my fair city. A grand hybrid of luxury, technology and ancient healing practices, it’s centered around the perfect merger between inner harmony and external beauty.

Of the many treatments offered, I highly recommend a Moroccan Hammam. An ancient treatment from the Old World, this hydrotherapy is perfect for pent-up stress as well as dry skin. Performed on a warm marble stone within a specialized room (which is absolutely beautiful) you’re treated to splashes of warm and cool water, a vigorous exfoliation with an all-natural black soap made of olives and olive oil, and a full body detoxification with warm Ghassoul clay. It ends with a luxurious rinse and mindblowing scalp massage in a kahuna massage chair. It’s one of my favorite things on Earth.


The second experience I would highly advise would be the Calming Sapphires Massage, particularly following the hammam. Based on gemstone therapy, this massage incorporates the use of real sapphires to calm the mind and soothe the spirit (which, if you live in NYC, you know how every single day living here can be a real assault on the senses.) The blue of the sapphire represents the third eye chakra, which symbolizes inner peace and wisdom (and, I mean, they’re SAPPHIRES, people.) Using essential oils and your preferred pressure, it’s an experience not to be missed. The spa also has three other gemstone massage therapies: Diamonds (balancing,) Emeralds (purifying), and Rubies (revitalizing.) Yes, there will be gemstones but there will also be security. Don’t get any ideas. 😉

Finally, in order to avoid sun damage but to get all the effects of a bronzed glow, I’m a huge fan of the Organic Spray Tan. Using non-toxic, natural dyes, a technician will spray and contour you to a hue that looks like you just got back from a great vacation. If you want a harmless glow for the season, I would highly recommend this service.

The spa has many other amazing therapies: facials using Kate Somerville products, manicures and pedicures, threading, lash and brow tinting, and specific menus for brides and gents. It’s an experience that must be had when in my fair city.

You know why? Because you deserve it.

The Spa at Trump Soho, 246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013. Call 212-842-5505 or visit their website for more information and/or to book services.


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