Kristin Booker • April 29, 2009

FSB Morning Juice: Kim Kardashian, Prada, SJP Expecting Twins!

There Must Really Be Sex In The City: We almost spilled our coffee this morning when we read the headlines: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick expecting twins?!? Even though this is via surrogate, we guess those plot line rumors about Carrie becoming pregnant in the SATC movie sequel might be a little easier to pull off now. (Us Magazine)

Umm, okay:
Kim Kardashian was on The View yesterday discussing the fact that an un-Photoshopped image of her in a bikini with cellulite dimples will appear on the cover of Life & Style this week. She said, “You know what, I have cellulite. Who doesn’t? Who cares?” Indeed we would like to know who really cares that she has cellulite. Why is she famous again? (Jezebel)

Economy Going To Hell in a Handbag: Prada’s earnings took a 22 percent dive in 2008. We had no idea our restraint in purchasing fabulous footwear was having such an impact on the economy. We’ll see what we can do about that (not). (WWD, sub. req.)

You Know You Want It: David Beckham, not to be outdone by designer wife Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, has teamed with owner of the Undefeated boutiques James Bond on a fall-winter men’s collection for Adidas Originals by Originals. Don’t get too excited for a new ad campaign, though: even though David has an endorsement deal with Adidas, he has no plans to be the face of the brand. Maybe if we ask nicely? (WWD)

FSB Quote of the Day: “A love of fashion makes the economy go round.” – Liz Tilberis


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