Kristin Booker • August 15, 2009

FSB On The Scene: Blueprint Cleanse Boot Camp

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break. Whether it’s working too much, recovering from a traumatizing situation or you’re a working mom with too many things to do, hitting the “reset” button is exactly what you need in life. I got the opportunity to check out a full-body restart at Blueprint Cleanse Boot Camp yesterday and let me tell you: it was just what the doctor ordered.

We arrived via chartered bus to the gorgeous house you see in the photo, then started our day with morning yoga on the immaculate lawn.

This was followed by a great raw food cooking demonstration, which produced amazing food that tasted fabulous (I’ll post recipes later). We then proceeded to relax by the pool while we waited for treatments like scalp treatments, nutritional counseling, massages and facials. We were sent home at the end of the day refreshed, relaxed and extremely healthy.

The founders, Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, created this day to show us what the Blueprint Cleanse is all about, which is treating your mind and body with the utmost care and respect. I’m trying a three-day cleanse to abolish the appetizers and cocktails I’ve been subsisting on for the past few weeks. I feel amazing and I want to continue this feeling.

If you’re in the mood to hit “Restart” on your body, you might consider doing this amazing cleanse, which is produced from all natural juices and ingredients. It’s not meant as a weight-loss tactic (although you can drop some lbs from trying it), but more of a way to give your body a break from the stress and strain you put your organs through on a regular basis (Happy Hour is a great way to unwind from the week, not so great for your digestive system or your waistline.)

Like with any other dietary program change, you’ll want to consult your doctor prior to trying, but this introduction to a healthier, self-aware lifestyle was an amazing wake-up call for me. I also was thrilled to spend a rejuvenating day with my friends. Clockwise from the bottom left, that’s Aly Walansky (eBeautyDaily), Katie Ryan, me and Dina Fierro (eye4style) toasting with our cleanses (which are delicious, I gotta tell ya) by the pool at the estate.

Check out Blueprint Cleanse on the web to find out more about their amazing cleanses as well as tips and tricks to live a healthier lifestyle. For me, this day and the experience was the perfect reminder to treat myself with grace and respect, which is essence of all style.


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