Kristin Booker • April 2, 2010

FSB On the Scene: Levi's Fall 2010 Mens and Womens Collection Presentation at Hosfelt Gallery

Wednesday night brought the fashion fabulous out in droves to check out the Levi’s Fall 2010 Men’s and Women’s Collections at the Hosfelt Gallery. As a lifelong fan of the brand, I wanted to see what an artistic installation of denim could look like. Upon ascending the stairs of the gallery, I wasn’t disappointed.

The party, which started at 5:01 (but of course), was a hot mash of downtown and uptown fashion crowd, journalists, bloggers and Manhattan party circuit regulars. While DJ Leo Fitzpatrick spun hot tunes in an equally steamy room, lithe models stood on platforms, modeling the collection. 

Amid a crush of onlookers, the models posed and preened for the cameras in denim’s finest, exuding Americana cool as only models dressed in the world’s first jeans label could do.  Onlookers sipped champagne and chatted away as they strolled through the installation full of photos of models in the fall collection tacked onto the walls amid racks and displays of the clothes, where you could interact them in true collector style. Because those of us who love Levi’s are, in fact, true collectors.

The British indie rock band One Eskimo played a live acoustic set and the whole thing was impossibly cool and edgy, a merger of working man’s rebel cool mixed with uptown chic fashion and society…which, I imagine, is exactly how Levi’s had intended it to be. Which is really what the brand is all about anyway: a rebellious fabric that demands to be comfortable in any setting.

Come fall, look for raw-edged roughness and a reinterpretation of classic items from the label to take control of the trends moving into fall. Distressing, paint spatters and industrial washes were everywhere.  There’s an everyman, country-cool vibe to the collection.

The line has given us American style at its very best: raw, rough, honest and straightforward in its interpretation, this is denim that is a platform for the personality of the wearer.

It doesn’t tell you how to style it; you buy it and make it your own. It’s one of the reasons I adore Levi’s. The world’s first denim line has remained true to its roots: still rebellious and effortlessly real.


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