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Kristin Booker • April 23, 2010

FSB On The Scene: The Finale Party For Project Runway and an Interview with Winner Seth Aaron!

Last night, Bluefly invited me and a select few individuals to attend a Project Runway finale party at the apartment (nay, two-floor mega-palace for us New Yorkers – you could land a plane in there) of the super-fabulous Laura Bennett (previous finalist of Project Runway/designer/now author/amazing mom).

If you’re a Project Runway fan, this was a dream come true, as tons of former designers were present and available: Kevin, Jay, Malan, Epperson, Maya (the designer who left the show this season), even crowd favorite Anthony were all present to watch the finale show on a projection television with drinks and snacks. I even got a chance to meet one of my favorites, the fabulous and amazing Kara Janx.

And, I die, Kelly Cutrone and I wound up chatting about her book, life in general and all sorts of other things. Ladies and gentlemen, she could not have been more sweet. I now have a mad girl crush on Kelly. She’s beyond fabulous.

But if you watched the show, you know that Seth Aaron Henderson won! People, this is the first time I’ve picked the winner from the very first show of the season and he was sitting right across from me with his entire family!

I jumped at the chance to interview the designer mere moments after he was announced the winner on national television. Here’s what he had to say:

FSB: You won! As a huge fan of the show, I have to know: what was it like to get the end? Describe the gauntlet that is Project Runway.
Seth Aaron: Well, obviously, it was a blessing, number one. I didn’t really consider it a huge labor. I mean, that’s what I came to do. I’m pretty focused, I know who I am and I’m confident. I thought it was a lot of fun!

FSB: How would you describe your buyer? Who is the woman that wears your clothing?
Seth Aaron: Anyone who wants to f*^kng wants to tear it up. 🙂 I mean, you have to remember that what you see on the show isn’t necessarily real life. I design ready-to-wear. I have a line, but when you get on Project Runway, you almost have to just say to Hell with that. This is costume, something rich, something impressive. I mean, the only project I didn’t bring it was the Heidi Klum challenge, where I tried to take it back a little and you saw how that worked out. It’s about bringing up to a whole new level. I just went completely editorial all the time. When you go to Fashion Week, you don’t show a collection. You show a show.

FSB: Nice! So what’s next for you?
Seth Aaron:  Manufacturer, Los Angeles…I’m already working on reps for Los Angeles and New York. I’ve already got one here that’s going to put (the line) all over Manhattan. It’s now about finding a manufacturer that can do it. After that, Tokyo. I’ll continue with the editorial runway show. I really love that. I’ve also got someone from London Fashion Week contacting me, so I’d like to do that next.

FSB: Awesome! So, one last question: what’s it feel like to win Project Runway?
Seth Aaron: What do you think?!?

FSB: I think it would be pretty freakin’ awesome!
Seth Aaron: It’s pretty freakin’ awesome!

Thanks to Bluefly, Laura Bennett, Project Runway and Attention! for such a fabulous evening! Congratulations to Seth Aaron Hamilton!


4 Responses to FSB On The Scene: The Finale Party For Project Runway and an Interview with Winner Seth Aaron!

  1. Lacey Cook says:

    i love Fashion and i love Project Runway.*”;

  2. Nevaeh Green says:

    Project Runway is great and we always watch it at home, hope they employ more interesting and talented contestants.::*

  3. Sofia Singh says:

    my sister always watch project runway because she likes fashion too much’;”

  4. INGAAS : says:

    the host of Project Runway is also very good in presenting this show, the contestants have lots of potential too and are pretty:-‘

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