Kristin Booker • May 27, 2009

FSB On The Scene: Vixen in Vintage at Levant East and B Bar and Grill

So, this past weekend I hit a couple of parties before heading to the country for some much-needed relaxation time. I started the evening at Levant East, the new event space in the newly converted rooftop penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington. The brainchild of The Eldridge’s Matt Levine, this revamped Lower East Side lounge is swank and the view is spectacular (and the hot tub is still there for those who want to get their Studio 54 on). The space will be open Wednesday through Sunday this summer and hosting some very elite gatherings of very pretty people. If this is your scene, I recommend this as a rooftop cocktail option.

Later, I joined some media-savvy friends in the Bowery at B Bar and Grill for some cocktails and catching up. NBC Universal’s John Wise throws some of the most fun parties among the media people in NYC and when John decides it’s time for a cocktail, you show up, no questions asked. B Bar and Grill is a fun place to gather with friends, from the seasonal cocktails to the fabulous appetizers and gorgeous outdoor patio. Here are some shots from the festivities.

Some of you know (or might not know) that I’m on the downhill slide of losing some weight (61 lbs to be exact) and I’m just now exploring a cuter summer wardrobe. This is a vintage dress of my mom’s with a belt I stole from an ex-boyfriend (years ago, ladies – my kleptomania has since been quelled). The cuff is Ted Rossi. You can’t see the shoes but they’re these gorgeous black leather cage shoes from Aldo. Not bad, eh?

Me with John Wise of NBC-Universal. This is before everyone got a little buzzed. Remember this rule when you’re drinking with the boys: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

This is me with Arun Das of Fox and the other shot is the ever-fabulous Mr. Wise with his fellow media (read: mad) men. Sometimes a girl just needs a night in a place filled with gorgeous guys who want to buy her drinks, you know?

More fun and frivolity to be reported. This summer is just getting started. Peace and high heels, ladies!


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