Kristin Booker • June 25, 2009

FSB Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

I’ve just been on Twitter and the news for a few hours now and it’s official: Michael Jackson passed away today of cardiac arrest. He was 50 years old.

On a strictly historical level, Michael Jackson was truly one of the greatest forces in music and style that the world has ever known. With Thriller holding the record as the highest-selling album of all time and multiple hits within his vast catalog of music, the man was the indisputable King of Pop for many generations of fans. We can remember him as a singer, composer, and one Hell of an entertainer. His talent and music will be sorely missed.

One cannot also think of Michael Jackson without thinking of the impact he had on fashion and style. From a white sequined glove to the red “Thriller” jacket to buckles and a penchant for military gear, Michael Jackson had a huge historical impact on fashion and style. Many of us owned a replica of one of the jackets (I can’t help but smile when I think of the return of Balmain’s military jackets and motorcycle jeans last season) and there isn’t an aspect of style he didn’t touch: nightlife is always better when a Michael Jackson song is played, everyone at one point has tried to moonwalk (don’t lie) or dance like the King of Pop.

As a lifelong fan of his music, I would like to take a moment and thank him for the positive influence he has on my life and my personal style. He will always be remembered in my heart as the dancing machine with unlimited creativity and who marched to the beat of his own drum. MJ, we salute you for your fashion, your style and the beauty of your creativity which touched the lives of millions.

Please do enjoy my personal favorite performance of the King of Pop, the one that launched Thriller as the biggest album of all time and the white glove that sparked my own childhood awe: the Motown 25th Anniversary performance where we first heard “Billie Jean.”

Rest in peace, MJ.


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