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Kristin Booker • April 9, 2009

FSB Poll Results: Sexiest Men’s Cologne

From time to time, we like to hop on Facebook and quiz our nearest and dearest about what really makes them tick. We recently asked what is the sexiest cologne a man can wear. Our ladies (and men who had an opinion about the matter) weighed in and the response was overwhelming.

By a landside vote, Azzaro Chrome ($32) won this competition. We did a drive-by of the fragrance counter and we have to agree: it’s sex on a stick. The contemporary citrus and spice cologne sends anyone interested in men into a flat-out frenzy with ingredients like Bergamot, Neroli, Ginger, Ivy, Rosewood and Sandalwood.

Honorable mentions go to Burberry London for Men ($53), Bulgari Pour Homme ($58) and Acqua di Gio Pour Homme ($35).

Most surprising was the number of votes we got for Drakkar Noir! Evidently ladies from Generation X and Y still hold quite the soft spot for the prom and homecoming dance grooming staple.

Bottom Line: Whether it’s a nostalgic scent from youth or a more metropolitan scent of today, a man’s cologne is very important to us ladies. Gentlemen, try one of these recommendations and see what happens. We think you’ll like the results.


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