Kristin Booker • December 24, 2009

FSB Presents: The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide

Honey, it’s December 24th and what are you doing? Trying to come up with a gift? Oh, we’ve got trouble right here in your city and it starts with a capital “T” which rhymes with “C” and that stands for Christmas. What are you going to do now?

Fear not, dear readers. I’m here to save your proverbial bacon with presents that can be purchased in total last-minute style that will have them thinking you spent all sorts of time on the situation. Grab a glass of eggnog and a seat on the bus, ’cause I’m about to take you to school.

Who wouldn’t appreciate a massage or spa treatment? This is practically a layup: get them a Bliss Virtual E-Card. With multiple locations around the country and an online store chock full of products that we all covet within an inch of our lives, this little present not only can be purchased (and redeemed) online, they can email the certificate to the recipient. As in, delivered instantly. Feel free to use the “well-I-wanted-to-time-it-just-right” excuse.

What about for the men in your life? How about a Bottlenotes Wine Club subscription? Each month fabulous new bottles of wine will arrive at his home in the spirit and varietals mentioned for the individual subscription. I mean, what guy doesn’t like to flaunt his knowledge of obscure varietals to others? Print the email confirmation and put it in a card or wrap it around a bottle of wine like a label and put it under the tree.

If you live near a Target, there isn’t a person alive that wouldn’t die for a gift card from the super retailer. I’m on my way to a Target in Charleston, WV this weekend (which is where I’m from, actually) and I plan on raiding whatever’s left of the Rodarte for Go International collection with the one I received from a relative. Housewares, electronics, beauty, office supplies – anything that feels like free money in a store with such goodness is a joy to receive. Head to their Customer Service desk and load one up.

What if you’re in the middle of nowhere and the only thing on the way to Grandma’s house is a grocery store? Desperate times call for desperate measures and here’s hopin’ that she likes to gamble because at times like these nothing says I love you like a fist full of lottery tickets and a bottle of wine. You’re laughing now but I’ve seen this gift work in some of the most posh of situations. Lottery tickets bring out the inner nickel slot slut in all of us, admit it.

Other instant gifts? Netflix memberships and restaurant gift certificates are all amazing gifts that can be purchased right this minute and given today.

Another good idea? Make a difference in the world. Donate money in their name to a worthy charity, like Charity: Water, an organization that ensures clean drinking water to the billion or so individuals on our planet who don’t have access to the one thing we probably take for granted the most.

What if you have no money and no time? Seriously, I have been there. This is where having a computer comes in handy. Make your own gift certificates for services you can supply throughout the year, redeemable only to the person whose name is on it. Massages, house cleaning, rides to the mall, foot massages, whatever you can volunteer, print them and give them as your gift. It’s really the thought that counts and it’s important to remember that.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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