Kristin Booker • October 9, 2009

Fun Friday Foodie Moment: Ode to Mister Bee Potato Chips

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve done all these things about diets and exercise and how I’m trying to lose weight to get into a pair of jeans, blah blah blah. Why in the world would I do a post on potato chips and what in the world does this have to do with fashion, beauty or the world of style?

Because they’re so good that, in the proper portion size of course, these potato chips should be THE cheat of everyone’s diet (or part of your daily diet, hey, I don’t judge). I don’t care what your denim size is, I don’t care how you do it, everyone needs a cheat every now and then and my Dietary Weapon of Mass Consumption has to come all the way from my home state of West Virginia. Yes, people – I’m talking about Mister Bee Potato Chips.

No, this isn’t an advertisement and no one from the company knows I’m even talking about them, but I feel it’s time to tell the world that the perfect crunchy, salty, savory chip is from my home state. Every time my mom sends me a box from home with a bag of these sent-from-Heaven chips in it, I writhe on the floor in ecstasy.

I request them as part of my Christmas presents. I want them served at every cocktail party, if I ever thought I’d get married, I would want them served at my wedding, and I want it written into my will that they be served at my funeral. I personally believe that if these chips were served as part of the G8 menu, we would already have world peace. As far as fashion and style goes, part of the art is breaking the rules and every person on earth has a vice. Mister Bee Potato Chips just happen to be mine.

If you want to try a bag of the world’s most perfect chip, I strongly suggest you head to their website, call them up or email them and see if you can buy them direct and have them ship them to you. All I know is that if loving these chips is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Life is not worth living without good food and as we say at home, “These are some good eatin’.”

I’ve traveled far and wide and Mister Bee Potato Chips are still the best chip I have ever tasted. Period.


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