Kristin Booker • October 20, 2009

Get a Handle on Snacking This Cocktail Season: Carry a Clutch.

Photo: AMC

It’s almost that time of year: holiday season. The time of year where the number of invitations to parties double, the pressure to get into that skinny, slinky dress is higher than ever and there are hundreds of temptations at every turn, from cocktails to passed appetizers. How do you keep your girlish figure through the gauntlet through the holidays?

First tip: eat before you go. I don’t care if that means stuffing a bag of raw almonds in your handbag or keeping a banana at your desk. If you walk into a party famished, you will want to eat everything in sight. The other trick fashion folks use? Carry a clutch! You don’t even have to carry it in your hand: keep the clutch under one arm and keep your drink in the hand of that arm. This leaves your other arm free to shake hands and socialize but there’s no room for a plate full of goodies. Passing trays work the same way: if you only have one hand, whatever it is needs to go into your mouth immediately and you’ll eat less. Trust me, it works every time.

Everyone needs a great, fabulous clutch for evening and this season the options are better than ever. Here are some of my favorite picks:

This Coach Poppy Zip Clutch is gorgeous. Because it’s Coach you know the quality is impeccable and it’s fabulously priced at $78.

This Tory Burch Logo Clutch ($295) is a great classic and a pop of color that will work with all seasons. Plus, c’mon, it’s Tory Burch. Love.

I love this Foley + Corinna Washed Leather Fold Over Clutch ($390) which can easily go from day-to-night by using the top handle feature. Plus, it’s leather so it will last you a lifetime if you treat it properly.

Of course, if we’re talking dream sequences here and you want to inspire murderous envy in every woman in the room, then I would highly recommend this Carlos Falchi Jeweled Python Clutch ($910).

Keep your hands busy while looking fabulous? Sounds like the chicest weight loss strategy ever to me. Give it a try this holiday season or just out for your next party and you’ll see exactly how fabulous this little weight-management tool can really be!


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