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Kristin Booker • July 21, 2015

Glowing Out

I have no idea what’s going on with me lately, but I’m adding a lot more color to my wardrobe.

For those of you who buy color, this is such a non-news item that it might annoy you. But for me, this is a big deal because…well, I just don’t buy a lot of color.


First of all, I live in New York City. New York, in the spirit of honesty, is still a dirty city. It’s nowhere near as filthy as it used to be when I first moved here in the early 00’s (and my understanding is that it was CRAZY decades before that,) but even now there’s a touch of grime on things like the subway and taxi cab seats. Essentially, there is no way you can put 8.4 million people in 305 square miles of land and have it remain pristine. I’m like everyone else in New York in that I tend toward a lot of black and navy because it’s slimming, it’s easy, and your dry cleaning bill is lower.

I tried the subway in a bright blue coat once. What happened to that coat by the end of that week still haunts me.

When I found myself out in Seattle with Microsoft in May, I spotted this sweater in a lovely shop called Horseshoe in Ballard, WA. This shop, for those who have never been, is one of my favorite boutiques in the country: well curated, smart picks that are essentially West Coast Chic. Everything is soft and breezy and well-constructed and not insanely expensive.

The second I put this sweater on, my entire demeanor changed. I don’t know if it’s my undying love for the West Coast (I’m still not ruling out a move to the Fairer Coast,) but it was like someone clicked a spotlight on over my head. My mood was instantly brighter. I wanted to go eat grilled things on the beach, I wanted to drive with the top down. I felt lighter, brighter, and joyous.

Really, can a sweater really do all that?

You bet. I’ll bet my whole black wardrobe on it.






I’m starting to call this My Gateway Sweater, because now I’m buying light blue, teal and bright colors, and I can’t stop. I added bright throw pillows to my house. I’m about to order all vivid color accessories for my new apartment. WHAT IS HAPPENING?



Quite simply, I’m happy. Happier than I’ve been in a while. I’ll always love my beloved black, but maybe a little color wouldn’t hurt. The future’s pretty bright. I’m stepping up to meet it. It’s time to brighten up, to meet the sun face to face…

It’s time to glow out.


What I’m wearing: Goddis Biya Cardigan (you can order this right from Horseshoe in Ballard; they will absolutely take care of you)/Rag & Bone JEAN “The Classic” Slubbed Cotton T-shirt/Levi’s cutoffs (I cut these years ago, but they’re from an old pair of 510s)/Vintage shoes/Stetson Bentley hat (band via the boys at Ruffian)

All photos in this post: Giafrese



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