Kristin Booker • August 11, 2009

Hair Products That Can Help Cure Acne? Yes: Kairos Hair Care

Acne is a huge struggle and those who have it in the most severe cases will tell you how debilitating it can be to deal with it. Even adults can get it in the most random of places: chest, back and shoulders. What if I told you that there was a line of hair care products out there that could help you get rid of and, with regular use, stave off your acne at any age? There is such a thing: Hormonal Acne Treatment in Sydney has the solution to heal acne.

The creation of Catherine Parker and Doreen Campbell, two former nurses who have worked with the most severe acne patients for over twenty years, this hair care line combats their main discovery: that the products in normal hair care products can exacerbate and spread oil from the scalp to the rest of the body. Women with long hair: ever gotten acne on your chest or your back? Because your hair oils are coming from your scalp and onto your body, where it clogs pores and turns into acne. The rationale is simple, really: the top of your head is still part of your skin. Treat this area with similar anti-acne products and your BODY becomes acne-treated. I’ll let you marinate in that for a moment.

The products all contain percentages of salicylic acid, the main component in acne care, which is an anti-inflammatory. Combine this with essential oils and some amazing hair care formulations and you’ve got yourself not only some results-oriented acne products but brilliant hair care products that left my tester with gorgeous, frizz-free (yes, you read that right) hair. The main three products in the line, the Anti-Acne Hair Care Trio, contains the following:

Clarifying Complexion Clearing Shampoo ($24): contains 0.5% salicylic acid along with essential oils like tea tree, lavender and chamomile to clarify the scalp and provide balance to the skin and hair.

Balancing Breakout Controlling Conditioner ($28): contains 1% salicylic acid that reduces inflammation and promotes rapid cell turnover.

Oil Reducing Pore Perfecting Treatment ($28): Formulated with 1% salicylic acid, leave this on for 3-5 minutes and rinse between shampooing and conditioning for added value. You can also apply it directly to breakouts all over your face and body.

The line also contains styling products, such as Flex Hold Clear Finish Hair Spray ($26)and Hair Protectant Clear Style Thermal Spray ($26). Those with shorter hairstyles might enjoy the Soft Control Clear Style Hair Gel ($18) and Spiking Clear Style Hair Glue ($24).

Seeing is believing and after I reviewed the results AND had someone test the product, I’m a believer. Kairos Hair Care is truly double-duty beauty, a hair care line that gives you gorgeous hair AND clearer skin. As with starting any addition to a severe acne medication regimen, I recommend you talk to a doctor first, but you definitely need to head over to their website and get the line today!


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